Tara Booth (Kansas City, MO, USA): Alone Together

  • watch: 28th September 2019 at 5pm UTC
  • duration: 3min

This is a silent video performance about what it\’s like to have a physical, female body in a male, dominated world.

BIO: Tara Booth is a multidimensional artist that is rooted in ceramics. Her work is a manifestation of digestion through the female body, both physically and mentally. Booth is originally from Michigan and has lived in many areas of the country. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries such as A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Kunstraum Tapir, Berlin, Germany, Kaleid Gallery, San Jose, CA, MenLo Gallery, Jingdezhen, China, and The Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY. Booth lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri and can be followed on Instagram @taraboothstudio ARTIST’S WEBSITE