Taufik Riaz (Kolkata, India): In death’s dream kingdom or Headpiece filled with straw

  • 18 Jun 2021 11am UTC
  • dur 30min

A short durational walk in city streets with straw and grass in mouth and body wrapped in Kafan, the cloth to clothe the dead. \”ঘাসে মুখ দিয়ে চলা\” /\”ghashe mukh diye chawla\” literally means \”to walk with one\’s mouth in the grass\”.It is basically a sarcastic comment meaning that as if one knows nothing and moves around with one\’s head in the straw. The performance refers to that comment as it seems nowadays especially after this covid19 thing that we all are people with our headpieces in straw in relation to\”the authorities\”.so what remains is the living dead body

BIO: Independent artist based in Kolkata/Santiniketan working in performance art, painting and illustration. Born in Kolkata 1976.graduation and master degree in History of art from Visva-bharati university, Santiniketan, 2001&2003. As founder member of Performers independent kolkata initiated & organized KIPAF(Kolkata International Performance Art Festivals), SIPAF, JYOTISHKA and other performance movements. Performed in different places in India, Bangladesh and North & East Europe. Collective works had been my initial area of involvement, later & currently more into solo pieces and duets mostly with my partner Uma Banerjee who is an independent artist herself. I thank my close family,friends and our wonderful world for whatever this existence.