The Intergalactic Nonsense Theatre (Barcelona, Spain): The Intergalactic Nonsense Improvisation

* please send random words to artists in comments on YouTube video

  • New Time: 1st April 2020 12pm UTC
  • 30th March 2020 at 8pm UTC -postponed
  • duration: 45 min

The Intergalactic Nonsense Improvisation was adjust to be a live performance on the internet. The audience has the chance to create their own song by writing beautiful, ugly, disgusting, funny, sad, random and nonsense words under the livestream. The Intergalactic Nonsense Theatre will make a song out of two random chosen words and they will spin the wheel of music styles to chose a style of music. They will make a song out of the words live in front of the online audience! Every show is unique! Every show is special! Nobody in the whole universe has seen this show before and none will see this show again, cause everything is Improvised! How beautiful is that?

BIO: The Intergalactic Nonsense Theatre was found in 2019. Since the start of the quarantine in Spain they are making a song each day on request. Furthermore they changed they live performance \”The Intergalactic Nonsense Improvisation\” into a live internet performance. The duo makes song of random words of the audience and the magic wheel of music styles decides what type of music the song will have. In this 13 days of online performance they build a great fan community. ARTIST’S WEBSITE