Tomislava (Dublin, Ireland): Black motion

  • watch: 30th June 2020 at 6 pm UTC
  • duration: 15 min

I love to represent the emotional movement of men which doesn\’t depend on the age, race and beliefs. Every one represents their personality on the photos and there is actual natural element on each of my work. The specter of human emotions and how we represent ourselves is so huge and it varies. I want to present the men on different way which is far from the stereotypes.

BIO: I am a Bulgarian – Greek photographer born in Sofia. Throughout my career my work has covered a wide range of photographic genres, including portraiture, lifestyle and street photography. My passion for people\’s emotions and photography have come together to what I do now. The incredibility of how different we all are fascinates me and inspires my career. I look forward to helping you create memories. ARTIST’S WEBSITE