Türkay Çotuk (Istanbul, Turkey): Flow

  • 9 Apr 2022 5 pm UTC
  • dur 1 min

The starting point of the studies is on the perceptibility of the space with movement. In this process, bodily relationships created with renewable spatialities are investigated. With the programming applied to the video, the surface movements of light and shadow in the entire environment are digitally animated over tones that are close to each other. I’m trying to combine my body movements with digital media programming. I carried out the work on the coast of Yesilkoy, Istanbul.

TÜRKAY ÇOTUK Istanbul / 06.04.1987 2005-2011 Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department, Istanbul/Turkey BFA 2009 Porto University Fine Arts Faculty Visual Arts Department/Portugal, Erasmus Programme 2019 Graduate Degree Marmara University Institute of Fine Arts Painting Department, MFA Istanbul/Turkey