Victoria Karlsson (London, United Kingdom): TeleSonic Transmission

  • watch: 29th June 2020 at 3pm UTC
  • duration: 10 min

“Television was considered by psychic researchers to be an occult domestic medium that allowed clairvoyance to increase across distances” Lisa Blackman, Immaterial Bodies ‘TeleSonic transmission’ explores inner sounds – sounds we hear as part of our inner worlds of thoughts, ideas and emotions – and considers the possibility of a collective inner listening experience. Television, video, and film all carries within the undercurrent of magic, telepathy, and clairvoyance. The work suggests listening in this new digital space as a reaching out along the electric pathways, through the screens, into each other’s homes, into each other’s minds. The screen acts as a listening gateway, as an extension of my ears, my body. It connects us in an intertwined listening experience across the space which separates us.

BIO: Victoria Karlsson is a sound artist interested in the emotional and subjective aspects of sound and art. Investigating sound as both an inner and outer experience, she explores how we think about, remember, dream about sounds, and how this influences our experiences of sounds in our everyday. Her works span performance, composition and installation practices. She is currently undertaking a PhD Research Degree at University of the Arts, London. Her research investigates sounds in thoughts, asking if we hear sounds in our minds, what they mean to us and where they come from. ARTIST’S WEBSITE