Vikki Chopper (Newcastle, NSW Australia): Gaming the Fitness App

  • 31 Jul 2022 11 am UTC
  • dur 15 min

Amazon, Apple, Google, Huawei, Samsung, all contrive to commodify us and identify us as bundles of data. Our tastes, shopping habits, beliefs, anxieties, all are big business. But we can push back and reclaim a little of our humanity in small acts of resistance, or subterfuge. For instance, your girl Vikki has developed a fixation with her Pedometer Step Counter app over the last couple of years, and has become adept at fooling it into thinking she has walked dozens of KMs daily. Join her this Sunday as she attempts to crack a mile in 15 minutes, without leaving her bedroom!

Victoria Choppington Fountain identifies as a female artist who occasionally makes use of the body of a male writer friend. They have lived/worked/performed in Berlin, Bremen, Malmo, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Auckland. They currently live in Newcastle, NSW Australia. ARTIST’S WEBSITE