xields (Ashdod, Israel): Installing stars

  • 22 Dec 2020 8pm UTC
  • dur 15min

Music Performance

BIO: For the recent two years, my work has been mainly my music. Just pure and naive practices including recordings, avoiding the “right way”. I\’ve been out of my family\’s nest for 6 years until the coronavirus shutdown happened. It came along with A huge feeling of despair and the need to disappear from the harsh society surrounding me. Now I came back to my naive approach of creating from a pure place filled with childlike beliefs I’ve had in myself all this time. It could not be explained much further and I rather not do so. My current project is a collection of songs that gain their power each day as I grow as the creator I wish to become. It’s the core of this journey which already began. Magen Jacqueline was born in Tel Aviv and lived mostly in the south district in Israel. At 201 4 she attended BEZALEL, receiving a BFA in fine arts. Her body of work ranges from plastic/digital art to film.