Zipporah Weisberg (Granada, Spain): Holding On

  • watch: 29th March 2020 at 8pm UTC
  • duration: 8 min

An exploration in falling, twirling, and jumping. Trying to hold on, failing, and trying again. Song: Says Artist: Nils Frahm Album: Spaces

BIO: I am an experimental improvisational dancer and “body poet. I explore themes of struggle, isolation, suffering, as well as innocence, hopefulness, and wonder. My movement is largely impulse-based, which is to say, generated by a complex interiority. I call my work “accidental art” because the vast majority of my projects come into being “by accident.” I may stumble upon an interesting space, and decide in that moment to place my iPod on the ground or lean it against a curb, and begin “shooting” or snapping photographs. I never really know what I am going to do before doing it, nor do I have any specific vision of what the outcome will be.