Cecilia Suhr (Ohio, USA): Demystifying the Narrative

  • 22 Dec 2020 9pm UTC
  • dur 12min

Demystifying the Narrative is situated at the intersection between sonic art performance and a mixed-media/textile installation combined with a new electronic musical interface. Reflecting on the turbulent and notable year of 2020, this interactive audio-visual installation critically explores the dominant narratives in the cultural and media landscape through abstract expression of sounds and visual representation via handmade installation. In doing so, this work captures the sounds of repetition, repudiation, contradiction, and omission while representing chaos, instability, despair and unsightly beauty via a large-scale interactive installation.

BIO: Cecilia Suhr is an intermedia artist and researcher, multi-instrumentalist (violin/cello/voice/piano), multimedia composer, painter, author, and improviser, who is working at the intersection between art, music, motion, and digital technology. More specifically, her latest work combines video, improvisational music performance, nonlinear storytelling, games and interactive media/installation (sometimes with audience\’s participation). Her creative work has been exhibited and performed across the U.S. and overseas in U.K., Greece, Australia, France, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, etc. through galleries, biennials, museums, conferences, and festivals. She is currently an Associate Professor of Humanities and Creative Arts as well as an Affiliate Professor of Art at Miami University Regionals, Ohio.