Claudia Ferretti Isonde (Brescia, Italy): Point Of No Return

  • 19 Dec 2020 9pm UTC
  • dur 20min

Concrete sounds and voice come together

to narrate  the emergency of irreversible climatic change.

I forgive you:

Nature tells man with a sign of hope.

Point Of No Return is a soundart work created in 2019, before the pandemic showed us more clearly the effects of human activities on the ecosystem.


The sound, both intangible and abstract, is evidence of the world as well as of matter that can be shaped.

The sound becomes a link between hope and reality and a concrete experience for understanding climate change.

Point of no return is a journey through concrete sounds that unravel from today, the point of no-return for climate change, and move backwords to the origin of man and universe.

It is a journey from the outside world to the inner self and to the origin of life itself.

By using psychoacoustics phenomenon, sounds seem to follow a narrative path. In reality, everything exists from the beginning. If we slowly subtract the concrete sounds of everyday life one by one, we are left with what John Cage heard in the anechoic chamber: the low sound of the blood system and the high sound of the nervous system. Ourselves, nature.

Transformation starts from silence, from listening.

Artwork by Francesca Perini

The sea waves break on the skyscrapers. Overlapping sounds mirror themselves in intersections of images in which man and nature merge together towards the future.



I am Claudia Ferretti Isonde, musician, sensorialist, soundartist and songwriter – Claudia Is On The Sofa.

I explore soundscapes to describe the world by sounds.

I stimulate myself and others who listen to my work and who collaborate with me on my artistic works, project and studies to listen, because I am deeply convinced that this attention toward perception increases the possibility of meeting the beauty of the world, thus recognizing it, spreading it and protecting it.

I first came into contact with music when I was a child and I’ve never been apart from it.

I’m a songwriter and my art name is Claudia Is On The Sofa, currently active with concerts in Italy and all over Europe. I sing everyday people; I sings the roar and the silence and I have supported concerts of international artists (Thurston Moore and Joan As A Police Woman).

I approach the sound scene through collaborations with various artists, realizing – for example – sound paintings with Angelo Bordiga (London), ambient music for Ooomm installation by Stefano Ogliari Badessi (Milan and Lisbon), the sound design for the landscape events (Orticolario Como) and the soundtrack documentary movies.

I realize sound art work like Point of no return (New York) and I perform site specific contemporary music for museums, exhibitions and theaters in Italy and I create melodies and I sing for international productions.

I explore sound and I study it in all its forms: as music, as physical and psychological phenomenon, as a form of art and narration.  I teach Sensory Analysis (Master Food Identity dell’Università Cattolica di Piacenza) and sound storytelling (Università di Pavia – Facoltà di Filosofia e Teoria dei Linguaggi).

I explore and create soundscapes and music to narrate the world through sound and to open our mind.