K&A (Geneva, Switzerland): Jungle in the City

  • 20 Dec 2020 8am UTC
  • dur 55min

A f(r)iction documentary of the now, the future will jungle the savage ones. A dance performance that tracks down the transforming migration of two wild ones: The zebrA & The sharK. “The animal is there before me, there next to me, there infront of me (..)” Jacques Derrida “The animal is me, The me is animal” K&A Jungle the city is the science-fiction journey, captured in a serie of performances, of a humanised zebra and shark that escape their desertic habitants to settle in cement territories: our cities. In the heart of a metropolitan, in the middle of its grey neighbourhouds, they confront the rites & customs of humans. In an effort to blend in they eat cigarets, dress-up in the corners, get drunk on salt & gallop on rollers. The scandalous dream of the zebrA-lexandra Bellon, and of the sharK-arla Isidorou, is to integrate into the human society. The audience, as if visiting a zoo or a crime scene, stays safe behind two expanded lines. They witness their strugles, nostalgia, dreams for a better life and irresistable stamina of trying again. Their movements unfold between savage animalistic trance gestures & wacky odd human actions. “Jungle the Future” is a m-Ask s-How, that questions the relationships we have with animals, urban and wild territories: BORDERS, ORDERS, OTHERS. Jungle the future to offer your mind provocative wild spaces & species. The performance as propossed for the Online Performance Art Festival is part of a big scale project of K&A that researches and approaches these themes in performative site specific actions.

BIO: ‘We were asked in a specialised construction store in Brooklyn, are you constructors? In a way we are. By diving into raw and defined material and extracting the essence we build the multiplicity of layers/ images/ vibrations and thoughts that oscillate around each single project. Our work is a collection of edifices.’ K&A

Κ&Α form a dazzling duo. Mixing their different backgrounds and their complex cultural roots they spread poetical & political concepts. Their mobile studio and stage fluctuates between variable combinations of latitudes and longitudes. Urban & rural territories, in which borders are alive, appearing and disappearing, magnetize their artistic practise. K&A create the tools to blurry the distance in between, to make the void full.

K: I am supposed to be a ‘question mark’, BUT & A: I am supposed to be a musician, BUT A / K has a background in music / theatre; she is trained as percussionist / visual artist. Last years she focuses on performative arts from a hybrid perspective, bringing the two fields together in a star collision, as an invitation for people to connect.

Within K&A the single signature is killed. What stays is the space in between, a space build through hours of training, drawing, glitching, performing, trusting and diving together into unknown territories. By de-sponging & de-stealing each other K&A extract the matiére premiére that will be distilled again. Out of this continuous distillation wor(l)ds arise to invite/invade the public.

Concepts start simple: at the core. K&A build projects & concepts that arise out of long periods of research. Torrent books, vagary images, deserting writings, performative actions, grinding sounds, poetical and socio-political contexts come together to create a complex philosophical environment in which the statement of each project is formed. The multiplicity of projects and their thorough statements create the cartography of their work.