Patrícia Corrêa (Lisbon, Portugal): medio portokal

  • 20 Dec 2020 6pm UTC
  • dur 15min

I always lived in big cities but recently I moved to a little village in the countryside. Since then I started making video performances with materials provided by my garden. Medio Portokal, is an expression used in ladino dialect that means, in direct translation – ”half an orange” . This expression has a deeper meaning for a love one like ”my other half”. During this live performance I will be working with language meanings, identity and oranges. In times of longing for touch this other half can be a bitter sweet fantasy, like oranges it all depends where we are rooted. This work is connected to a series of works deeply grounded in my backyard but also with my artistic language. In this work I will create an imaginary portrait of a woman with no face, assuming anonymity and in action. The images presented may mirror others, life or nothing at all…

SHORT DESCRIPTION: – dressing white to draw no attention to the performer – setting on a table several old photos and oranges – cut and spread until they became one – no face, focus on my hand in action with the materials hybrid identity.

BIO: Patrícia Corrêa (b. 1978, Lisbon l Portugal) I am a visual artist and social researcher with a focus on performance and live arts. My work is durational, ritualistic, and feminine. Being interdisciplinary, multi-sensory, site, and context responsive spanning from the performance art, to sound video and installation. Working with performance art as, an expanded medium for poetic signification, I built links between the object\’s significant and the object\’s significance. Thus, throughout my work, I have been developing projects that, increasingly, focus on the spectrum of the poetic realm in live art. I exhibited and performed in public spaces, galleries, festivals, and museums, such as Grimmuseum (Berlin, Germany), São Tomé Art and Culture Biennial (Sao Tome and Principe), Circle of Time Performance Festival (Toruń, Poland), International Performance Festival (Nicosia, Cyprus), Visual Arts Festival (Bielsko-Biała, Poland), Biennial of Performance Art (Bogotá, Colombia), International Forum of Performance Art (Drama, Greece), Interakcje Performance Art Festival (Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland) and National Museum of Contemporary Art (Lisbon, Portugal). I am currently based between the city and the countryside, allowing nature into my works. I found & curate YAM Performance Art Festival (in Belgium) and the Portuguese Performance Art Platform (in Portugal.