Peace (Rasht, Iran): A piece of cake

  • 29 Mar 2021 2pm UTC
  • dur 40min

In this performance, human exhibits his body as an element experiencing two opposite principles of birth and death.The birth day cake ,which is the body of the artist himself , can be sliced and shared with the sentence existing on the cake written “I am neither a terrorist nor an anarchist. I am an artist”.The first sentence refers to the wars and existing problems in the middle east and global Islamophobic attitudes towards Middle Eastern people ,and the second sentence refers to artist’s progressive roles in their own societies.By sacrificing himself through art, an artist conveys his message of peace to different societies regardless of race, religion and gender and this is his ultimate goal.However, it is worth mentioning that he is always surrounded by the bitter reality of daily unpleasant news.

BIO: I am Arman Sedaghat and I graduated in visual arts .I have been active in new arts(installation art,performance art) for a long time.The major theme of my works deals with social issues and human relationship with the environment.