Sara Koller (Bern, Switzerland): Exoskelett

  • 20 Dec 2020 7pm UTC
  • dur 5min

Exoskelett speaks about the vulnerability of transformation. The intimate act of skinning insects enables growth and a renewal of life. During this moment of metamorphosis, everything is at stake. The animal strips itself of its protective mantle in order to be able to evolve. It accepts the danger of being eaten to make room for a new skin, a new home. The past vanishes, a new life begins. This animal process is translated into human life and questions growth, maturity and renewal as human beings.

photography: Werner Tschan

BIO: Sara Koller is a performance artist and meteorologist and lives in Bern. Her performative work oscillates between dance, music and visual arts. She refers to the human body as the binding link between these artistic genres and medium. In her performative works she deals with the search for intimacy as a promise of solidarity in society. She sees herself as a political artist and works with unobtrusive commitment for a dignified coexistence in the field of political tension. Subtle and sensitive actions are her trademark, because it is her conviction that the subtle touches more sustainably and positively than the obviously provocative.