Tae Kyung Seo (Seoul, South Korea): Fake organ show

  • 22 Dec 2020 8am UTC
  • dur 15min

“It won’t be easy to look into my organs without assuming my death.” Here, an irony occurs. This performance doesn’t specify whether my death is ‘FAKE’, or my body is ‘FAKE’, or that my organs are ‘FAKE’, or that this show is ‘FAKE’. But this ‘FAKE’-ness is the point that things that were clear become unclear. Organs that I take out from my body are different to organs that we are ‘familiar’ with. This is the origin of the ‘FAKE’ organ show. Aliveness is the most direct role of organs in the body. Although these organs belong to me, they are unknown existences that I can never touch in my ordinary life. I came to think that these are mysterious things we all share. ‘FAKE’ organs used in this performance, consist of light objects and plastic toys. Each and every metaphor has its origin and evolution, however, I will not describe them, believing that the role of metaphor is to make the audience create their own doubts. This doubt starts with the uncertainty in out bodies, and it collides into our physical and historical reality.

BIO: When I look back to the processes of my growth, there are two main themes: ‘Violence’, and ‘the Sea’. There had been violence, and efforts to hide and suppress marks of this violence. Concurrently, the memories of life spent next to the Sea, joyfully playing and observing, learning. There was plenty of sunshine, and I saw colors rupturing, glistening. Dreadful violence existed as a camouflage of love and protection in my life, and the Sea taught me that the tides, the creatures, and the dance of the ocean may permute into catastrophe at any time. To me, love and pleasure is not singular. Until now, internal deficiencies that couldn’t be exposed made me envision other times and spaces, and transfigured them in to different appearances. I tried to find an amalgamation of such imaginations and realities, and I emerged with a positive belief that these be extant in our common domain. Yet, I carry psychological tensions that such a belief continues to remain an interim abstraction.