the modern dance awareness society (New York City, USA): clearing

  • 19 Dec 2020 11pm UTC
  • dur 15min

a duet with florence benichou performed at the chashama art factory festival , Oct. 13, 2013

BIO: Despina Sophia Stamos is a dancer/choreographer/ Pilates instructor ( living/teaching/making in NYC since 1989. Her work has been presented at such venues as Dance Theater Workshop, PS122, PS1 and in Brazil, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Puerto Rico and Italy. From 2006- present, Stamos collaborates with refugees and local dancers in Athens, Greece in a project titled passTRESpass. Since passTRESpass 2016 , we have annually produced a transnational dance dialogue performed with and for refugees in New York City and Athens, live-streamed at Anita’s Way in the bustling heart of Times Square. Stamos performed with Chen and Dancers, Hikari Baba Dancers, Anahi Galante,Fly by Night, the National Caravan Theater, Felix Ruckert, Simone Forti, Zendora Dance Theater, Aspasia Yaga, Wendy Osserman Dance Theater, Blum Dance Theater, Marija Krtolica, Vanessa Walters, the Daisy Spurs, Time Lapse Dance, Abigail Levine, Daria Fain and the Missile Dick Chicks. In 2019, Stamos co-created “Displaced Herstories and the Persistence of Bodily Memory” with Marija Krtolica and Florence Benichou, an ongoing dance inquiry into hysteria and performance. She continues to dance with the Hungry March Band and the Mikerline Dance Company. Stamos is founding member of the modern dance awareness society ( and a cofounder of Chashama.