Tsuki Dance Reality (Berlin, Germany): Dance Through Walls

  • 27 Mar 2021 12pm UTC
  • dur 60min

Dance Through Walls is inspired by the Memoir by Marina Abramovic, Walk Through Walls (2016).

Many aspects of this memoir have inspired us, including her powerful resilience and search for absolute truth. She spent considerable time with the indigenous peoples of Australia, from where Leisa and I were born. We now live in Berlin and make performative work in resonance with space, land, cosmic energy, and audience presence.

The question of how to translate performance online is both difficult and necessary in this time of rapidly increasing connectivity and isolation. We have experimented with live stream performance rituals, but would like to find a new way to gather and hold the attention of our audiences, while further pushing our own physical and mental boundaries.

No one knows the future, but as artists, we know that we don’t know, and bravely enter the present moment with our full being to make space for the gears and dreams of all those who come to us.

We will draw on our rigorous ballet/butoh/yoga/physical theatre training as a resource for a new online performance ritual for this festival context.


Tsuki trained in classical ballet from age five, graduating from Australian Ballet School in 2008. She has danced with companies and freelance projects in Israel, Melbourne and Berlin from 2009 – present. She is now a Ballet and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, and Performance Artist based in Berlin. She teaches her practice of Ashtanga Moon Yoga in her flat, with community groups, and live stream. She regularly performs solo and collaborative performance projects influenced by her multidisciplinary training. She has performed her collaborative work in Berlins most infamous night clubs and queer parties including; Tresor, KitKat Club, Suicide Circus, Night Embassy, Maze Club, TrashEra at Wilde Renate and Else Club, KaKe Club, as well as theatre venues such as Ackerstadt Palast Theatre with Amalgam Solo Festival. She has performed two seasons of ‘Body Play’ with Chaim Gebber Open Scene at Pfefferberg Theater and is currently rehearsing with the company on M.O.S.T (My Ongoing Silent Transcendence). She performed from July to October 2020 in Overmorrow at Wilde Renate in collaboration with Leisa Prowd, Valerie Renay and Ana Bathe.

Leisa is a dancer, performance artist, life model and public speaker from Melbourne.  She has been performing with Weave Movement Theatre since 2014, first appearing in their short film – Will You Go Round With Me, directed by Kat Worth in that same year. She then joined the ensemble for White Night in 2015 – directed by Caroline Bowditch, White Day Dream directed by Yumi Umiumare at 45 Downstairs in 2016 and during ButohOUT in Wannabe a Rabbit in 2018 and Forbidden Laughter in 2019. She also performed at Lucy Guerin for Pieces for Small Spaces alongside Gregory Lorenzutti and Lillian Steiner, 2017. She joined Rawcus Theatre Company in 2016 performing in Song for a Weary Throat at Theatreworks, 2017 and as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, 2018. As a burlesque performer she danced in Melbourne for the Australian Burlesque Festival, 2017 and in Las Vegas in 2018. In 2019 she performed in events and festivals in Sweden, Indonesia and Germany. Leisa now lives in Berlin working with Theater Thikwa leading movement training with members of the ensemble. She also performed at Overmorrow in Berlin in September 2020 with fellow artists Tsuki and Valerie Renay.