Tzuhsiang Felix Chang (Linz, Austria): one person, perhaps two

  • 26 Mar 2021 6pm UTC
  • dur 20min

When I wake up I vaguely remember that I have a place to go, find someone or be found I don’t remember exactly who it was. I made many friends during this journey. But no one can tell me where I am, who are they, who am I talking to , Didn’t tell me where is my end, my end & Our end.

BIO: He officially went to professional dance school at the age of 13 Also a member of Taipei Royal Ballet and Soloist with Classic dance company He majored in Chinese classic dance at HKAPA ( Full scholarship ) He then transferred to Germany to study modern dance at Folkwang university He performs his choreography, works with different choreographer and theater, currently studying master at the Bruckner Uni in movement research.