will be held on the venue:

We are honored and happy to announce and to call you to apply with your performance art works for the unique online performance art festival, that is the only one that will show your works and take place with the venue only on the website, on the internet:

If you are interested in showing your work as online performance art, send us your proposals and projects! and they will be shown for the whole world to watch.

The festival will go live online on the website, for 24h, and will be held on this address

Note that this is the unique and the first festival for the world that runs on the website that is the only venue for all performances participating into the festival, to watch your works to be presented in the form of online performance art, shown and seen live online on its website , on the internet  at the same time in the whole world. It is a possibility to show your works of performance art and people all over the world to watch in the time you are performing it live online on the internet through the only and first festival that goes live only on the website.

How to apply:

Application form that you need to fill and to attach in it one 1 pdf file with your CV and art work with the date, time and duration that you wish for your performance.

Submission  is on this link

 Application form

Once when your application is received, you will be notified and get a confirmation with all the information about your participation.

You will get one exclusive timetable slot per work to go live on the festival and it will be promoted during the festival.

Contact us for any questions:

Online Performance Art