13 FEB 2021 10pm UTC “Nosotros en el cuerpo 9 micro world 2” by by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 30min

“Nosotros en el cuerpo 9 micro world 2” by by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas

My eyes go over the table a mini altar and a glass of half drunk coffee with a spoon. A blue elk head with a crystal on top my feet move restlessly i want to dance. His eyes focus on the phone. His thoughts in the endless micro-world of others —for a few minutes. Our outside is smaller than ever. The table mats are red, outside everything is white, the snow on the roofs lets more light into the kitchen. The tap is turned on and off and every object is carefully rinsed. The towel hangs over a sieve over the stove. The chair is straightened and the side hit once so that one leg loses its instability. The chair is often moved out of the way and then placed back at the table. There are no pets here so I say meow my cat always whispers to me when I haven’t been with her for too long, so I borrow her voice in this room. My feeling is full. Time is in slow motion. There are clocks everywhere in the apartment, two of them don’t work, they are at 3 and 11 a.m. Drum-exercise and a quick kiss.

Lucas and Nadja
Sound landscaping and movement;
They take advantage of the creative process together and found a spontaneous place for an artistic life;
Their energies give rise to a kind of humorous narrative.
Sometimes the dynamic is very energetic in contrast to detailed and slow states.
They both enjoy dreaming and create a refuge from the mundane world.
Their pieces touch the absurd and play with a kind of “sur-real hyperreality” where you can see the sweat and hear the clock ticking.

Lucas —-sound


Nadja —-movement