20 AUG 2021 11pm UTC “Techno” by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 8min

21 AUG 2021 3pm UTC “Techno” by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 30min

23 AUG 2021 9pm UTC “Life is a performance” by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 40min

TBD”The Nature”(1st part) by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 30min

TBD“The Nature” (2nd part) by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 30min

28 AUGUST 2021 5:30am UTC “Techno” by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) duration 15min

28 AUGUST 2021 10pm UTC “Life is a performance” by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 15min

29 AUGUST 2021 10:30pm UTC “Life is a performance” by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 10min


3 JUL 2021 6 pm UTC “Considering Rivulets” by Gentle Enquiry (Vienna, AT) dur 30min

TBD JULY 2021 “Performance” by Sandra Božić (New York, USA) duration 10min (2 SEPTEMBER 2021)

16 JULY 2021 12pm UTC “Just waiting for the thunderstorm”by Makoto Maruyama (Hiroshima, Japan) dur 20min

21 JULY 2021 3:30am UTC “Techno” by Sandra Božić (New York, USA) duration 20min

30 JULY 2021 7pm UTC “Flamingo Movement Study 3” by Catherine Berendsohn (Miami, US) dur 90min


4 JUNE 2021 4pm UTC “In the Court of Mustilli’s Farm” by mAEn (Naples, IT) dur 30min

13 JUNE 2021 6pm UTC “Figure-ring New Voices” by Vestland Danseteater (Bergen, NO) dur 50min

20th Online Performance Art Festival (17-20 June)

30 JUNE 2021 12pm UTC “The Lion Is Not Necessarily Strong” by Makoto Maruyama (Hiroshima, Japan) dur 20 min

30 JUNE 2021 7pm UTC “Performance” by Sandra Božić (New York, US) dur 5min


1 MAY 2021 12am UTC “King Lear In Less Than Two and A Half Minutes” by Grant Guy (Canada) dur 5min

1 MAY 2021 2 am UTC “The Swifts” by Anni Küpper (Portland, OR / Köln, DE) dur 5min

4 MAY 2021 5pm UTC “COULD YOU BE MATTER ?” by Rocio Fernández Fraile (Ibiza, SP)30min

9 MAY 2021 10pm UTC “AHORA NOW 1” by Ada Suarez, Machi Perez, Liandro Carvalho, Ariadna Pastorini (Buenos Aires, AR/ BR/UR) dur 30min

11 MAY 2021 3pm UTC “Encounter” by Hilaj Academy (Tehran, IR) dur 30min

13 MAY 2021 9:30am UTC “The pack” by Ogha Collective (Thambuththegama, LK) dur 10min

15 MAY 2021 9pm UTC “Sex” by Sandra Božić (New York, USA) dur 65min

21 MAY 2021 12:30 pm UTC “Ded boys” by Priyadarshani Jayasingha (Thambuththegama, LK) dur 10min

24 MAY 2021 3pm UTC “AMRIT VELA” by Rocio Fernández Fraile (Ibiza, SP) dur 10min

25 MAY 2021 8pm UTC “The Perfect Crime (Work-in-Progress, New Version)” by Lee Campbell (London, UK) dur 24min

30 MAY 2021 2pm UTC “project YA” by Marat Yagfarov (Almaty, KZ) dur 10min

30 MAY 2021 8pm UTC “The Bell´s Man” by Illusionist Bismarck (Caracas, VE) dur 6min


4 APR 2021 12pm UTC “You are not the slave” by Makoto Maruyama (Fukuoka, JP) dur 15min

7 APR 2021 11pm UTC “SONIDO INDETERMINADO” by GRITTE duett (Berlin, DE) dur 45m

8 APR 2021 5pm UTC “Sub atomic particle force”by Nadja Haas and Megumi Eda (Berlin, DE) dur 15min

9 APR 2021 4pm UTC “Stormy I” by Nadja Haas and Lucas Sofia (Berlin, DE) dur 15min

11 APR 2021 6pm UTC “EXITUM” by “EXITUM” by Omaro Productions in collaboration with AB Dance Company (Paris, FR) dur 4min

13 APR 2021 1pm UTC “Mother mask” by Paniz acting (Tehran, IR) dur 30min

14 APR 2021 10pm UTC “Narcissuses” by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA) dur 40min

16 APR 2021 7pm UTC “Food and the Visceral Body” by Pleasure Pusher (Kansas City, USA) dur 45min

16 APR 2021 11pm UTC “Whitestarmother 1” by Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE)

17 APR 8pm UTC “DAS [出 す] bridging” by Megumi Eda & Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 10min

19 APR 4 PM UTC “Poetry reading” by Makoto Maruyama (Fukuoka, JP) dur 15min

22 APR 2021 5pm UTC “DANCE BY MY GRAVE” by Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity (Frankfurt am Main, DE) dur 3h

24 APR 2021 3pm UTC “Break the silence with your smile …”by Hilaj academi (Tehran, IR) dur 20min

25 APR 2021 4pm UTC “The Perfect Crime (Work-in-Progress)” by Lee Campbell (London, UK) dur 15min

29 APR 2021 9am UTC “Plate Struggle” by Rizky / Alang Bangkeh Art Production (Indonesia) dur 6min


1 MAR 2021 7pm UTC “I hope the future will imprint our fossils on the same rock” by Alexandra Boaru (Săcălaz, RO) dur 20min

5 MAR 2021 8pm UTC “6%” by Belen Robeda (Buenos Aires, AR) dur 15min

8 MAR 2021 8pm UTC “This is my milk” by Paola Daniele and Tommy Muto (Paris, FR) dur 45min

12 March 2021 1pm UTC “Receiving #nosotrosenelcuerpo” by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 30min

12 MAR 2021 9:30pm UTC “HIV Positive, black, queer, trans” by Positively Positive Education Productions, LLC (Renton, US) dur 2h

13 MAR 2021 3pm UTC “Satisfaction” by Sandra Bozic (New York, US) dur 15min

16 MAR 2021 10pm UTC “PAPISA” by Chai Rodrigues (Sau Paulo, BR) dur 30min

17 MAR 2021 9pm UTC “Please envelope me to our kind of space” by Charley Void (Copenhagen, DK) dur 60min

18 MAR 2021 7pm UTC “Micro moves of the pedestrian – DasÜberbrücken/Bridging no32” by Megumi Eda and Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 15min

21 MAR 2021 5pm UTC “l3n1r4” by Dyó Potyguara (Rio da Janeiro, BR) dur 40min

23 MAR 2021 9pm UTC “Up there for thinking…” by Mark Harvey (Auckland, NZ) dur 15min

26 MAR 2021 12am UTC “Hodiernidade | e na anfibologia do Agora” by Flávio Rodrigues (Porto, PT) dur 5min

26 MAR 2021 9pm UTC “Dreamtime in Mutonia WASTELAND” by D\’Andrea/Paterson/Psiconauti (IT/UK) dur 12min

27 MAR 2021 8pm UTC “How To Repair Myself” by Gloria Damijan (Wien, AT) dur 15min

Online Documentary New York City live by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA)
19th July2020 at 2pm UTC (7:30pm IST)”Margam Unmesh”by Founder of Snehalalit Kala Kendra (Maharashtra, IN)
7th June2020 at 8pm UTC “Adrenaline”by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA)
22nd May2020 at 2am UTC “Blues”by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA)
16th May 2020. at 8am UTC “I’ve been thinking about (Growing up)” by Zed Hopkins (Brisbane, Australia)
24th April at 6pm UTC “Work” (work from home) by Sandra Bozic (New York, USA)
12th January 2020 at 10:15 am UTC ” Miau Miau Sex & Pleasure Brunch at the Sex Cinema “Jazmin Taco in collabor ation with Roman Pappa for the sex organs food (Bern, CH)
5th January 2020 at 12am UTC: Sandra Božić (New York, USA): “Painting”(Life is a performance) dur 7min
23rd November 2019 a7pm UTC “Makita massive menopause & guests: Leave my uterus alone” with Nelson Irsapoulle / Erzsi Kukorelly / Angela Marzullo / Jazmin Taco (Geneva, CH)
4th November 2019 at 5pm UTC ‘Love breaks all rules’ by Sandra Božić (New York, US)
3rd November 2019 at 7 pm UTC 1/2 – 12 Hour Line Performance by SPAETH (Metz, FR)
1st November 2019 at 5am UTC “Halloween NYC” by Sandra Božić (New York, US)
3rd October 2019 at 8pm UTC  ‘Project Yourself’ by Léon (Montpellier, FR)
8th September 2019 at 2pm UTC “The Meow Meow Party” by Jazmin Taco (Bern, CH)
2nd SEPT 2019 at 8am UTC “HEMOGLOBIN” by Sandra Božić (Belgrade, RS)
16th June 2019 at 9pm UTC Theatre show”Constructions” by Sandra Bozic (Belgrade, RS)
8th MAR2019 at 3:30pm UTC Emotions by Sandra Bozic (Belgrade, RS)
28th JAN2019 at 20m UTC Walking on Clouds by Sandra Božić (Belgrade, RS)
23rd SEPT2018 at 6pm UTC Fossar de les Moreres by Jazmin Taco (Bern,CH)
17th April 2018 at 12pm UTC I want to become one with the Eidolon by Jazmin Taco & Mike Nguyen (Bern, CH)
12th NOV2017 at 4:45 pm UTC Scènes Théâtre Cinéma K.Opus 1 Marriage (Paris, FR)
31st DEC 2016 New Years Performance Art by Sandro Masai (Rio de Jeneiro, BR)