25 FEB 7pm UTC “DasÜberbrücken/Bridging performance”by Megumi Eda& Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 15min

Camera Lucas Sofía

“DasÜberbrücken/Bridging performance”by Megumi Eda& Nadja Haas

DAS [出 す]Ü-berbrücken/ bridging; What does performance practice mean in this new era? Isolation is a new test. What us; Megumi Eda and Nadja Haas = THAT are here (in the here and now)are interested in the difference between the individual, sometimes chaotic appearance, the settlement in public space and an ordered structure that is structurally arranged on the basis of regularities. The challenges posed by the new pandemic force all concentration to turn inward, to break with conventions and leave them behind. It’s a live event, but online at the same time. We partner with international artists and musicians who broadcast sound from their homes in London, NY and SF. The concept is to communicate the process of cooperation despite pandemic isolation. We are professional artists and ready to share our processes every Thursday from 4pm to 4:30pm. We look forward to a young and old audience. Random viewers and invited guests on Facebook Instagram at home or on site. Urban life is reflected in our site-specific body installation. The goal of our gathering is a deep social need in times of isolation.

Today’s story; High maintenance ladies a bridge in Paris or maybe Berlin or Tokyo? Two Ladies absorbed by being seen through the camera ignorant of their surroundings.