29th November 2020 at 2pm utc “Intimacy” by Patruni Chidananda Sastry (Secunderabad, IN) dur 15min.

“Intimacy” by Patruni Chidananda Sastry

I’ve developed the Indian form of drag that has all the thought provoking, storytelling components Hyderabad art audiences’ love. It’s titled “Beauty lies in Anti Beauty”. In it, I outline what it means to bring in avant grade art into Indian art culture with tranimal drag. The three main takeaways I want the audience to walk away with are: – what is Drag as performance art and how it could bring stories of isolation and hope for many people – how can we as a society support people in need and specially creating ab awarness of crisis people from transgender communities are going through this point in time. – how can drag articulate social issues and create awareness


Patruni Chidananda Sastry is a Classical Dancer, Intrapreneur and Customer Service Expert . Patruni started dancing since the age of 7. Patruni Sastry unique style called \”Expressionism\” is a new way to tell stories of awareness to the society .Patruni Sastry contributes his attribute of dance with many organization like Mobbera Foundation, Mental Health Organization, Good Universe ,Mist ,Namma Pride , Human Library and the Humsafar trust . He has also been part of many dance festivals including Golden Beach Festival, Kalpashree dance festival and so on .Patruni also used his skill to bring in visualization to complex numerical and conceptual subject and processed a new way to represent data. Patruni also created a new style of poetry reciting and storytelling. Patruni has worked on a unique style of dance called the \”Expressionism “where he believes to radiate social awareness through dance. Patruni Chidananda Sastry believe in channeling his dancing urges in order to produce unique footsteps. Sastry’s inspiration for his work is the miracle of life and interest to learn more. Working as an Analyst in Deloitte Hyderabad, makes him relate business with dance. He is a Classical dancer who love to perform in boardrooms and business meetings, which allows his perspective as an artist to remain contemporary yet traditional. Dance is how he battle against the complexity of numbers and offer new ways to visualize the data to clients. Patruni Sastry started learning Bharatanatyam from prominent gurus Sri Kalamandalam Ventak in Kolkata and Smt Vaidehi Subhash and Sri Hari Mangalampalli from Hyderabad. He also learned Oddisi from Swayam pragyan shahoo and Preeti Mohapatra . He learnt Kuchipudi from Sri Siva Kumar. Sastry carries a Diploma in Bharatanatyam and a certification of Avant Grade art Butoh from KEOI University. Patruni Sastry learned Butoh an Avant grade art form from Japan from Adam Koan and started practising Performance Art with the mentor-ship of Victoria Nivadita an acclaimed Performance Artist from Chennai. Patruni also worked with Renowned Absurd-ism director Amaan Ahemad from Hyderabad Under whom he performed in theater production \”Skepticism\”.​Patruni has also been performing Tranimal Drag under the drag name of Suffocated Art Specimen (S.A.S). His style for drag brings unique footprints of anti art queen.Tranimal Drag Art has been given a new Indianian approach with his style. With S.A.S , he presented multiple performance in spaces like Hyderabad Lit Festival, Kitty Su and Kitty Ko. he has also been listed as a top performer in Pink News and co founded Dragvanti an online website for drag community in India.