3rd September 2020 at 12:30pm UTC “Solar lockdown” by Satardu Sovan Banduri, (New Delhi, IN) dur:30min

“Solar lockdown” by Satardu Sovan Banduri

“Moon/sun-eclipse lockdown stars and cloud do lockdown Air, wind, breeze lockdown Solar system lockdown My mind and body lockdown My heart will be lockdown soon My blood/vein will be lockdown” Unnoticed solar lockdown that is no longer logical in life for homeward-bound commuters as well mundane life. If we think Moon/sun-eclipse lockdown? If all stars and cloud do lockdown? What about it ? Everything becomes a still-life in my mindcanvas. We are now unknowingly finding meaning and discovering many new vocabularies. Lockdown is the new periphery in our cosmos. It is like blocking and unblocking all life processes. New boundaries act loom up huge to disable and enable human life. We are looking for the verge of light. We move back and forth through the time space continuum but stand still in one space. We feel our circumstances in our space un-birthing. Our life looks like an unknown life. Sometimes we feel we really don\’t know who we are like end to end ? Virtuality on demand technology is un-life. Almost as if an un-pregnant mother gives birth to this day without a sun, planets or solar system.


Satadru born at British kingdom colonial city Howrah .In terms of technique, Satadru is a multi-disciplinary artist – equally at home painting large canvases, creating his own performance art, or creating his light installations also other phenomenology involved his work .Having gained his degree and masters in painting from the renowned Visva Bharati University Santiniketan in 2000, he received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship at the University of California. It was here, while majoring in Digital and New Media, that he also developed his obsession and understanding of light across creative forms – from painting, to animation and movies and performance art . He  worked with the animation industry as well as lecturer at an art college. He did many freelance work .He did many social work projects and threw out child-hood. Remarkably done HIV workshop at south-Africa as well as Agra public art project with neglected children. He did 100 meter wall painting at South-Korea .Satadru is the recipient of 3  international scholarships , gust of honed and 16 awards including the very reputed Fulbright scholarship. He has exhibited his art works through 9 solo exhibitions, 10 Art fairs, 5 Biennales and over 65 Performances & art shows in 26 countries. His art works are exhibited in 6 national and international Museums.  He has done many curation as Peepal Tree Art performance Project,Schema Art Museum Korea ,CRAC Bangladesh and many more National and International curated projects .  Satadru is the recipient of several awards and residencies and his work has also been bought by famous contemporary collectors as well Schema Art Museum, Korea. He has a strong international exhibition history having shown his work many times in the USA (including the Lincoln Centre in New York, and The Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz as well Schema Art Museum ,Korea ,Cheongju Contemporary Art Museum), Malaysia, Korea  ,Hong Kong, South Africa, Vietnam, Iran and Germany. He has also participated in the Biennales in Iran, Cheongju International craft Biennale ,Pune , Bodhgaya Biennale and Athens. His work also showcases international art fair That Art fair, Cape Town,Cheongju International Art Fair South Korea,Joburg Art Fair at South Africa ,United Art Fair Delhi,Art Fair Cologne Paper Art Cologne Germany, Art Expo Malaysia and Indian Art Summit, India. He did many performances as well workshop at group shows USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi ,Bulgaria,Tallinn,Germany, China ,Vietnam ,Korea , South Africa ,Australia  Nepal, India and Bangladesh . Cultural program on  Korea published his performance CD .  Last project was the Cheongju Contemporary Art Museum ,China part of Parabiosis  International Art show . Iran Contemporary , Art Biennale, Cheongju International craft Biennale , Pune-Biennale ,Mohor-Biennale,Pune , Agora 4th  Athens Biennale, international network of large-scale periodic contemporary art events.He take part many Museum Show like this The Museum of Art & History ,Santa Cruz California, Lincoln Centre , New York City ,Schema Art Museum, Korea . Contemporary Art Museum, Iran, museum in Chongqing,China . He is National and Internationally renowned. ARTIST WEBSITE