5th August 2020 at 8pm UTC “Moonrock”by Kuntideva (Mexico City, MX) duration 13min

Kuntideva From Mexico is a band with a great mix of reggae, world music and fusion give new proposal of a unique show with Alberto, Barzaj, izúatl, Joaco and Joaquin. The band will offer a special show.

Mexican banda Kuntideva with 9 years of career , Barzaj and Satara musically influenced by Queen, Michael Jackson, The Police, countless British rock, World Music and a final stage in Reggae. They began this story by testing the saturation of distortions and guttural chants, which were their first expressive musical goal but reached a limit. Then this was transmuted by experience with deep and expansive delays, grounded with a solid and crunchy rock base with Afro-Caribbean air. A musical label emerges in Kuntideva that has made them unique in the scene. They\’ve been through very strong human circumstances what it has created. in them a lot of awareness and respect for Mother Earth,before Creation. https://facebook.com/kuntidevaband/