Alnitakt (Antofagasta, Chile): Elixir para la Tierra

  • watch: new time 28th June 2020 at 12 am UTC
  • duration: 30 min

I will wear blood red clothes. With signs of the original Peoples of my city (Changos) on the face and body, to symbolize how their Heritage (Petroglyphs and cemeteries) have been buried under the cement and graffiti. I will do a ritual on a beach where they fished and collected their food. Where currently the contamination of mining and plastic lead to the extinction of animals in danger of conservation who their care and adore. I will wear loose pants and a long red fabric that will cover my back. After the ritual I will walk towards the shore, slowly dropping the cloth and revealing my back with the petroglyphs, and I will walk until I dive into the water and that each sign is erased by the water and the salt with a Sunset in background.

Endeavor Artist – Chilean. Constant participant of the National and Latin American scene. Themes around nature. Childhood. Humanism. Experienced as an educator. Last performance work with Colectivo COM & COM from Switzerland in their BLOCH project. For the Contemporary Art Week. ARTIST’S WEBSITE