ARTISTS – Day 1, 22nd Feb 2017


(Denver, Colorado, USA)

I’ll Never BE

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 22nd February at 2:00pm UTC – – recording of the performance will be shown on 23rd February at 3pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A live spoken word piece describing my relationship with my family as a result of my transition overlaying a piece that I made before starting hormones. Layering my inner turmoil with the outer, I juxtapose my two voices, my younger and my current. My real and my REAL.

BIO: Desmond Holliday is transgender artist who graduated with his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University in May of 2016. After growing up in many different places including Texas, Chicago, Dublin, and Connecticut, he settled in New York where he began his career as an artist and moved to Boston to pursue his work. Before socially transitioning as transgender, Desmond attended an all-girls boarding school for four years where he discovered his affinity for fine arts. With a background in illustration and text-based drawing, his work is now comprised of a mix of video, sculptural installation, and endurance performance. At the start of his artistic career his body of work focused on the adaptation, manifestation, and unreliability of memory, as well as the function of shared memory between himself and others. Beginning with his social transition as a transgender man in May of 2015, he found his calling as a digital artist and now speaks to issues of non-conforming gender and sexuality. His current goal is to create a more visible representation of his experience as a transgender person and to open discussion about what it means to deviate from heteronormativity in a highly gendered society. His work utilizes and speaks to issues of bodily autonomy and the experience of feeling wrong within your own skin. These are ideas that are shared between many people, not solely people of the transgender population. He creates many pieces with open-ended imagery so that his audience can connect to it before learning that he is transgender, creating a dialogue between the cisgender and transgender experience. Desmond mostly uses his body as a medium, as it is the only thing that he truly has control over. He is currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy as of March 2016 and plans on documenting his transition as part of an ongoing media project. artist website




Osvaldo Cibils

(Trento, Italia)


(duration 10 min)

Watch on 22nd February at 09:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: soundart22february2017 online performance for soundart for ‘carrito of Trento’. Field recordings, RolloSONIC software and osvaldo cibils. (Note: video streaming no good quality, audio good quality.)

BIO: Osvaldo Cibils. 1961. Artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He lives in Trento, Italia. His artworks are oriented to drawing, soundart, videoart and the development of experimental ideas mainly. artist website


Ki Niet A IK’tein

(Santiago, Chile)

Virtual abstract-me

(duration 13 min)

Watch on 22nd February at 11:22 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: A site and time specific performance related with a traffic accident. An abstraction ofphysical body occurs displaying vital measurement, detaching a fragment of bodyexperience about a specific moment. We feel but our body, how is our virtual body?

BIO: I was born in Santiago city, grown into a family involved in arts but also in science. I draw, write poetry and paint since child. I am exploring dance and performance since 2015, this year i starded studing architecture on Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and in 2016 i began exploring installation, sculture and landscape relationships. My goal is to build an immaterial multidimensional image that is not visible and racional, but it’s must be felted, thats why i used many artistic disciplines, and non-artistic ones, as maths or physics. I’m interest to manage interdisciplinar spaces. artist website


Lee Nutbean

(London, UK)

Faux Pas

(duration 120 min)

Watch on 22nd February at 12:00pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Over recent years’ mobile communication technologies have enabled capitalist networking algorithms to quietly penetrate our daily lives, becoming an integral component in the shaping of our identity. We no longer have sole agency over the presentation of self, as our everyday cycles of impression are laminated together to form a synchronized sphere of monetized data. Where total public transparency has become the default setting, and privacy glass is an alternative ‘tickable’ option. Faux Pas is an always-on intervention to contaminate the oil of the personal information economy with a foreign body of de-monetized labour. The live performance openly submits my personal sphere of ‘life – my quantification, my autobiography and my social media persona – to be publicly curated, socially edited and playfully embodied by others to collectively transmit a faux performance of self.

BIO: Lee Nutbean is a transdisciplinary artist working at the intersections of art and computation, across academia, research and the creative industries. His work explores the evolution of smart networked technologies through the participatory design of provocative prototypes,that elicit, process and respond to transparent data. These electronic ecologies culturally probe the dynamic networks within and between corporeal and viral spaces, to reveal new phenomena that confront, question and push new digital practices. artist website


Jazmin Taco

(Bern, Switzerland)


(duration 30 min)

Watch on 22nd February at 4:00pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: These is a very intimate work which I will make it at my bedroom. With permanent glue. I attach the eyelashes to my pubic hairs. I will slowly play with my dark genitals until i could glue in all pubic hair the beautiful eyelashes. The result will be a beautiful sculpture of eyelashes in my vagina.

BIO: Originally from Ecuador, I have been based in Switzerland since 2001, where I studied Visual Arts at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zürich, Switzerland. My work engages with issues around cultural identity and notions of the body beautiful, and often draws from my own culturally divided background between Switzerland and Ecuador. Through performance, installation and objects, I explore the often paradoxical perceptions of my own body as a (hyper-sexualized) woman, foreigner and migrant. Key themes of recent work have been the role of (my own) lack of German language skills in intercultural exchange, and the perception of normative beauty standards (especially in terms of my own plastic surgery-modified body) in relation to notions of national identity. Currently I\’m studying MA CAP- Master of contemporary arts practice at the Art University of Berne – Switzerland. artist website


Dila Yumurtacı

(Istanbul, Turkey)

Yumurtayı Soydum Başucuma Koydum

(duration 2 min)

Watch on 22nd February at 8:00pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Yumurtayı Soydum Başucuma Koydum reveals the relationship between mother and child through an eating process, particularly the depiction of mother’s love and how they repeatedly love their children ‘to bits’, the irresistable feeling of ‘wanting to eat them up’ which is excessively passionate. It refers to cannibalism, the act of human eating the flesh of other human beings. “From mastication and swallowing to heartburn to beyond, the corporeality of eating daily reminds us humans of our status as animals and our subjection to the imperative dictates of the body.” Ferguson

BIO: Dila Yumurtacı was born in İstanbul in 1988. She is an interdisciplinary artist working with different mediums such as performance, dance physical theater, installation and video. She graduated from Galatasaray University Cinema Department and Royal Academy of Dance and currently doing her master’s degree at Sabancı University in visual arts. She founded dadans, a performance community in 2007 and continue to collaborate in various projects. In her works, she depicts the relationship between food and body to point out the human psyche and feminity. She lives and works in İstanbul. artist website


gROUPSELF Kollektive

(Nyc, X)

Fuck Ontology

(duration 15 min)

Watch on 22nd February at 11:00pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: anarchist nihilist puppet show about philosophy against everything

BIO: “Kalan” is a sea of mold who lives in a hole in the ground with seventeen wild dogs. artist website


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