ARTISTS -Day 3, 24th Feb 2017

Rezm Orah

(Belo Horizonte, Brazil)


(duration 33 min)

Watch on 24th February at 0:00 am UTC – recording of the performance will be shown

DESCRIPTION: Performance is a physical and vocal evolution from nothingness or void into a very structured and form dictated body and voice, until it can no longer be sustained by its own pressure and explodes back into nothingness. This is a physical journey accompanied by music and paint.

BIO: artist website


Amy Yang Chiao

(Portland, Oregon, USA)

Seafood Slip ‘N’ Slide & Dairy Dodge.

(duration 35 min)

Watch on 24th February at 3:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Experimental Playground #1 Seafood Slip ‘N’ Slide performer: Amy Yang Chiao materials : reconstructed baby vest, jumpsuit, sponge, soy sauce, wasabi, squid tubes, cod fillet, live crab camera men: Edward Choi, Alex Chow, Elisha Jonnes, Dianna Xu Experimental Playground #2 Dairy Dodge performer: Amy Yang Chiao materials : Baby swing, knitted polyester, bubble wrap, inflatable boppers, shredded cheese, milk, chicken wings, rope camera men: Edward Choi, Alex Chow, Elisha Jonnes, Dianna Xu

BIO: Amy Yang Chiao is an artist and materials designer based in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Southern California, Chiao was born into a family household of Cantonese folk composers, Italian Opera singers, and mannequin manufacturers. Through costume, performance, and video, her work explores themes of spectacle, spectatorship, and musical tropes. artist website


Martina Marini Misterioso

(Pescara, Italy and Munich, Germany)

ancient things in modern times

(duration 11 min)

Watch on 24th February at 2:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Are we really able to bridge the distance at which we came up? In the screen only the upper part of my face will be shown, included my eyes. i will open them and stare, focusing on the camera, as if i’m looking into the eyes of a person, of all persons sitting in front of an image of myself on their screens. If there’s something real to be catch in this way of doing art, it can only be into the space of an eye blink. I’ll prolong this moment as much as i can. When i won’t manage anymore to keep my eyes open the performance must end. I will be sitting with the knees not far from my chest. I’ll put the computer there in between so that, while filming, the movement of my breathing will be recorded too.

BIO: Born in Italy in 1990, she studied at the art academies of Brera (Milan), Dresden and Munich. Here she started to use performance as well, both alone and in collaboration with other artists. in 2016 she partecipated at the 4th edition of CIPAF (interational performance art festival of Cyprus). Back in 2014 she attended a course of permaculture nearby Rome. She wishes to combine her artist practice with this philosophy and way of living.


Xfinity Theater

(Northampton, USA)

The Crowd

(duration 4 min)

Watch on 24th February at 3:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: ‘The Crowd’ is one video work from my current project, ‘#TheFlagWeLove.’ The American flag dangles ominously over the mall food court. It flaps above gas stations. Americans “pledge allegiance” to the flag as children and are wrapped in one when they die. Xfinity Theater’s #TheFlagWeLove resulted from Patrick Gaughan photographing every flag he saw for one year. Drawing on figures from Buzz Aldrin to Colin Kaepernick, the performance collages recordings of national anthems, patriotic YouTube clips, the children’s book “The Flag We Love,” and historical research to explore what is essentially America’s logo, in all its forms, examining how all of these nationalist reminders signify tentative community & aestheticize control.

BIO: In 2015, Patrick Gaughan founded Xfinity Theater, a fictional theatre company, as an affront to Comcast’s ubiquity, an appeal to social classes unaware of performance art, and as a comment on the institutionalized branding of avant-garde art. His performances drag the dream, the ‘xfinity,’ off the screen and into the room, implicating himself and audiences as conspirators in the entertainment industrial complex. Artist Mike Kelley says art must “flay the culture,” and while Gaughan believes this, he also defends fans of mainstream products, and fights the morally superior judgement of affluent audiences. Whatever your aesthetic affinities, it’s Xfinity’s job to expose the horror in the familiar. artist website


André Rosa, Milena Filó / Movimento Sem Prega

(Lisbon, Portugal)

Pauses in Duels

(duration 2 min)

Watch on 24th February at 4:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Pauses in Duels deal with the restlessness, delusions, subjectivities and varied forms of positioning themselves, in the multiple, disruptive and fragmentary relationships that the encounters with alterities provide. The pauses are cracks where the “individualized self” shatters into productions of flexible subjectivities, replete with poetic burdens and collective policies. Here the silences, the gestures, the glances are the testimonies and narratives that bring the blind and the fractures in ways to resist and (re) exist.

BIO: André Rosa – Actor / Performer, Director and Educator in Arts. Currently, he develops performance research in the PhD in Artistic – Theatrical and Performative Studies at the University of Coimbra. Master\’s Degree Program in Performing Arts, Federal University of Bahia. He has a degree in Arts Education – Performing Arts – at the State University of São Paulo, in São Paulo. He works with the languages of the performing and performing arts, where he integrated some collectives, such as the Windmill Nucleus, Teatro Gente-de-Fora-Vem, NuMiollo and the Varnel Family. Recently, he founded the Sem Prega Movement (Brazil / Portugal), which encompasses a set of activities from different fields of cultural, political and linguistic research, functioning as a nomadic laboratory structure in performance. Thus, the latest works create (trans) fiction environments: On ContraCapa, Desire Borders, AmPunheta, Trigger # 2 and Freak Show Park. He is a professor of theater and performance at the Federal Universities of Bahia, Sergipe, Santa Maria and Rio Grande do Sul. He teaches workshops on body work, experimental techniques in arts, performance and pedagogy, and continuing education for art teachers. It has texts published in national and international journals and magazines, as well as participation in conferences and colloquia on performance, sexuality, race and coloniality, and festivals and art shows in Brazil and abroad. Milena Filó – actress, playwright and director in the performing arts at the University State of São Paulo \”Júlio de Mesquita Filho\” and master\’s degree in arts at the same institution. Per Ten years studied contemporary dance. Founder of the nucleus of artists In Ensaio, which is Composed of researchers linked to the numerous layers that may exist in a work Artistic; Theatrical, cinematographic, plastic and / or literary. Conceived and acted in the work Theater of Dolls, that had its premiere in the Theater Sergio Cardoso. In 2014, contemplated with the Public Notice of Ocupation of the room Paschoal Charlemagne and, in 2015 was selected in the Announcement of Circulation of Contemporary Theater of the City of São Paulo, Performing presentations in several theaters in the capital. She also participates as an actress and Collaborator in the show, Ficção, by Cia Hiato, touring National Festivals and International Theater. He is also a member of the Núcleo Vendaval, in which he acts and writes Children\’s pieces, among them; The Voyage of Ultra-Violet, Hercules and The Stories of There.


Katie Lee Haley

(Boston, USA)

Ceaseless Pace & Pain (re-examined)

(duration 15 min)

Watch on 24th February at 5:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Ceaseless Pace & Pain (re-examined) is a performance examining labor, hardship, and pain associated with having been raised on a small family farm. Using personal experience as a means of entry into the work, I keep choreography limited to use the present moment as a space to allow feelings and emotions to flow spontaneously. This performance is an act of healing and understanding.

BIO: Katie Lee Haley (Mansfield) is a Boston based artist currently working towards hers second MFA degree at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. She holds a BFA from Tufts University and an MFA from the University of Connecticut. Katie Lee has shown work both nationally and internationally. artist website



(Austin, USA)


(duration 12 min)

Watch on 24th February at 10:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: d33P is a performed reambiguation of the idea of “deep time,” from the geologic concept to the freedom within time known by psychologists as “flow” and the practice of meditation to visualize one’s ancestors and descendants. The performing artists and the editor manipulate and transform time during the livestreamed performance, provoking the audience to consider their own perceptions of the reality presented.

BIO: ARCOS experiments rigorously to discover adventurous new forms of contemporary performance—inspired by questioning dominant understandings of the world, turbulent processes of traditions in flux, and the complexity of being human today. They have been invited to present at festivals including Currents New Media and Edinburgh Fringe, received commissions to create work for symposia at Connecticut College and Texas State University, served as guest teaching artists at institutions such as University of Colorado Boulder and University of North Texas, accepted residency at organizations including Ucross Foundation and KHN Center for the Arts, and received grants from public and private sources including the National Endowment for the Arts and the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation. artist website


Amanda von Hohenberg

(Berlin, Germany)

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 24th February at 10:30 pm UTC – postponed




Malgorzata Zajac



(duration 30 min)

Watch on 24th February at 11:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: When I think of something English, something what people around the world recognise as an English product I think- English Mustard. I have been living in UK for past 9 years,and I do admit that result of the UK EU referendum absolutely knocked me down. Suddenly I was forced to engage in conversations about foreigners, being one. I began to feel like an intruder in a place which I call HOME. The painful process of pasting mustard upon one skin reflects the same stinging reality of one culture being forced on another.

BIO:Notorious artist, born in Europe, art educated in United Kingdom. I have exhibited my works across Europe and influenced people across the globe. Apart from my own practice I collaborate with artist Marcin Gawin in ‘Rocket Child’. artist website


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