ARTISTS – Day 2, 23rd Feb 2017



Leticia Izquierdo Diaz

(Salamanca, Spain)

Hair Concert

(duration 3 min)

Watch on 23rd February at 12:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Talking with your hair, whispering with your hair … The objective is to create a space for reflection in which the discourse is established through music, attending topics related to the fact of speaking, and to express oneself.This music is created by a woman, with the help of her own hair when it is hitting against the teeth. The instrument is such material, the hair. The female mane has several meanings throughout history, narratives, erotic…To turn them not only into music, but also into a search for identity, into something alive. In them is inscribed the use of the everyday. Here the hair is used, which carries in it the idea of the disgust of the spoil, the waste …   Feel, listen, transmit …To shout with sounds, to speak with sounds …The cut … Curiosity of the child, look beyond …Play with the everyday, with the intimate, discover …Your body is your element, waste is your game …They talk with the hair, they whisper and they transmit with the sound … why not create a new language? One of us, one musical.Stereotypes are extremely difficult to break, but if we can show new ways, new ways, say we are here, we talk and we have interesting things to say. That we are no longer a simple tree. As Helene Cixous says in her writing The Raft of the Medusa: “If the body is censured, its word is also censured.”

BIO: Leticia Izquierdo Díaz, born in Salamanca, Spain, 1987, She actually is doing a research on the  PhD in Contemporary History, Salamanca University (USAL), Spain. She is Postgraduated in Contemporary art, art teacher at hight school and She has a degree in Fine Arts. She also attended differents dance and music contemporary courses in England. Her multidisciplinary works are carried out in installations, photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, storytelling, tales, fables, performance, dance, music … She exhibited in Spain, England, Malta, France, Ireland and Serbia.


Chel Logan

(Chester / London, United Kingdom)

Marionette…just a silly old clown

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 23rd February at 03:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: I am doing a piece where i bound by domestic tights from a wall or ceiling i will try and undertake a task whilkst straining against these .. this will show the tension of the situation , but at the same time being bound by the task to do it. My face will be masked as i perform so there is more emphasis on the body and the performance rather than any expressions! A few items i will use are rubber gloves and and a bright yellow fire sack to cover my head. I will be a resverse of a puppet or Marionette as I pull against the ‘strings’

BIO: Artist that embraces the Absurdity and Uncanny in the life and questions the presence of work and its value. I look to the domestic environment as my stage , the items we use , that we overlook and how we see them! A painter who has lost the document of the paint and moved with the motions ! Chelsea College of the Arts Masters Student and Susak Expo participant currenlty curating a show in the North of england . ART WORK LIFE .., No boundaries , No Balance.  artist website



(Denver, Colorado, USA)

I’ll Never BE

(duration 20 min)

— recording of the performance will be shown on 23rd February at 3pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A live spoken word piece describing my relationship with my family as a result of my transition overlaying a piece that I made before starting hormones. Layering my inner turmoil with the outer, I juxtapose my two voices, my younger and my current. My real and my REAL.

BIO: Desmond Holliday is transgender artist who graduated with his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University in May of 2016. After growing up in many different places including Texas, Chicago, Dublin, and Connecticut, he settled in New York where he began his career as an artist and moved to Boston to pursue his work. Before socially transitioning as transgender, Desmond attended an all-girls boarding school for four years where he discovered his affinity for fine arts. With a background in illustration and text-based drawing, his work is now comprised of a mix of video, sculptural installation, and endurance performance. At the start of his artistic career his body of work focused on the adaptation, manifestation, and unreliability of memory, as well as the function of shared memory between himself and others. Beginning with his social transition as a transgender man in May of 2015, he found his calling as a digital artist and now speaks to issues of non-conforming gender and sexuality. His current goal is to create a more visible representation of his experience as a transgender person and to open discussion about what it means to deviate from heteronormativity in a highly gendered society. His work utilizes and speaks to issues of bodily autonomy and the experience of feeling wrong within your own skin. These are ideas that are shared between many people, not solely people of the transgender population. He creates many pieces with open-ended imagery so that his audience can connect to it before learning that he is transgender, creating a dialogue between the cisgender and transgender experience. Desmond mostly uses his body as a medium, as it is the only thing that he truly has control over. He is currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy as of March 2016 and plans on documenting his transition as part of an ongoing media project. artist website


Jazmin Taco

(Bern, Switzerland)


(duration 20 min)

Watch on 23rd February at 06:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The clean up ritual I mix the shamanic rituals which I learn from my Vater with my artistic practise to create my new piece. After giving TRUMP the honor to spend the hole night with my brow emigrant pussy, I feel really dirty. I need to clean up my body and mind.

BIO: Originally from Ecuador, I have been based in Switzerland since 2001, where I studied Visual Arts at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zürich, Switzerland. My work engages with issues around cultural identity and notions of the body beautiful, and often draws from my own culturally divided background between Switzerland and Ecuador. Through performance, installation and objects, I explore the often paradoxical perceptions of my own body as a (hyper-sexualized) woman, foreigner and migrant. Key themes of recent work have been the role of (my own) lack of German language skills in intercultural exchange, and the perception of normative beauty standards (especially in terms of my own plastic surgery-modified body) in relation to notions of national identity. Currently I\’m studying MA CAP- Master of contemporary arts practice at the Art University of Berne – Switzerland. artist website


Tatiana Koroleva

(Montreal, Canada)

Rara Avis

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 23rd February at 07:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: In Rara Avis (on-line performance) I explore the diversity of identities I developed through the last ten years of my experience of immigration. This performance is an attempt to bridge the gap between cultural binaries of normality and abnormality; national identity and hybrid identity caused by globalization; inclusion and exclusion; superiority and inferiority; North America and Eastern Europe. Who do we become in this simultaneous and self-contradictory process towards globalisation and nationalism that takes place all over the planet. Where do we belong to in the continuously changing world? Who we are stretched between the multitudes of cultures and traditions lacking stable belief system and fixed points of departure? In Rara Avis I enact the struggle between these multiple and often contradictory identities and concepts. I speak, sing and manipulate my body and my face to reflect on complex psychology of immigration. Creating identity rituals each reflecting specific aspect of immigrants’ life-style, I question the very possibility of stable subjectivity promoted in dominant politics of identification. In the performance, Slavic pagan rituals, stream of consciousness, and spontaneous play co-exist with late-capitalist standard of “proper” self and attempts towards its deconstruction. This performance is a manifesto for all people stuck in-between identities – racial, national, gender, sexual and political. It is a search for acceptance and reconciliation, and a proclamation of existence beyond binary thinking.

BIO: Tatiana Koroleva is a multi-disciplinary artist and researcher who works in the mediums of performance art, video art and creative writing. A graduate of a doctoral program in Performance Studies (Humanities), Concordia University (Montréal) and a part-time professor at Studio Arts department, Koroleva explores intersections of performance art and ritualistic practices. Focusing on participatory aspects of performance art, Koroleva introduces innovative methods of interaction with the audience based on adaptation of ritualistic practices to the context of late-capitalist societies. Since 2004 Koroleva has performed locally and internationally including her participation in the International Biennale of Performance Deformes (Santiago, Chile), Miami International Festival of Performance Art (FL, USA), International Women’s Film Festival (New York, USA), Body Navigation International Dance Festival (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Itinerant Festival of Performance Art (New York, USA), and Nuit Blanche Festival of Contemporary Art (Montréal, Canada).  artist website


Sandra Božić

(Belgrade, Serbia)

I will dance

(duration 10 min)

Watch on 23rd February at 08:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: I will dance. I will dance for you, and for me. I think sometimes we are not aware what is enough for ourselves in the moment, comparing what we want to see, what we see and what is obvious to expect that we will see in specific situation and moment. I will dance, for you.

BIO: Sandra Bozic is freelance performance artist. Her professional work is based on performance art with realization of over 20 author performances all over the world. Her performances  participated in international exhibitions, conferences and performance art festivals in Hannover, Naples, Berlin, Istanbul, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo and Belgrade. She realized several solo exhibitions. artist website


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