Berger Rond (Montreal, Canada): Eau du Bois + Hautbois

  • watch: 17th August 2020 at 2pm UTC
  • duration: 120min

I would be playing hautbois (oboe) improvisation over an audio playing of my French script reading called Eau du Bois, a story about an isolated man and potential nightmares coming his way.

BIO: Solitary since 1979, Vincent Bergeron has focused on composition of recordings, a music in sound fragments (158 compositions in 17 years), on unstable poems and even more abstract short written stories, in search of something more natural than characters based narratives or mathematical sound systems. Since 2013, he now explores video editing and photography, to find visual equivalence to his music; variations of sound patterns (from groups of instruments to others) combined with varying characters and spaces in all visual collages. Since 2015, oil painting allows him an expressive spontaneity that he would love to find again in music, world of childhood without too much abstraction that is calculated in advance. At the same time (2015), Vincent is now able to write stories probably unthinkable for the average film script writer and theater director, but that are similar to his music. ARTIST’S WEBSITE