Katarina Rankovic (London, UK): Pseudo

In Pseudo, a fictional character occupies my voice and face and in the space of ten minutes, hurriedly tries to persuade you that she is entirely autonomous and authentically person-ful in her own right. What is the life of a fictional character, and do you care?

  • watch: 22nd October 2020 at 6pm UTC
  • duration: 10min

BIO: Katarina Rankovic (b.1994) is a video, performance and text-based artist exploring the extent to which personhood is encoded in character, and whether fictional characters can be reverse-engineered into something approximating persons; a kind of literary prototype of general artificial intelligence. Current projects include ‘Anomaline’, a novel about an anti-person; ‘Vernacular Spectacular’, a one-woman empathy circus, and ‘Scripting for Agency’, a PhD project at Goldsmiths College. As a Serb born in Yorkshire, raised in Norway and working in London, both the theory and practice of Katarina’s work originates from the daily necessity of inhabiting and switching between many selves. ARTIST’S WEBSITE