Niva Alush (Tel Aviv, Israel): Niva Diva

  • watch: 22nd October 2020 at 1pm UTC
  • duration: 2min

Niva Diva is a character that was born out of both frustration and power. The text I used in this work is mainly things that were said to me as an actress and made me feel reduced and unwhole. As a woman I feel like the outside gaze constantly tries to construct my femininity and qualities in order to get to a perfect and \”desirable\” result. The creation of Niva Diva was made in order to take back my space and own up to extravagant qualities like being provocative, exposed, luscious , intelligent and take agency over these. She is my alter ego and this is the introduction chapter in a line of several episodes I develop, the next one will be about Niva Diva and social media.

BIO: I am a graduate of the theatre program in Sarah Lawrence College, NY and I complimented my studies in Jacques Lecoq School for international theatre in Paris. I have been creating and performing in Israel- both Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem and this is my first online performance art video. ARTIST’S WEBSITE