OPAF 5_Elizabeta Lace

Elizabeta Lāce (Bucharest, Romania): Meditation in Gallery
  • duration 120 min
  • Watch: 10th August 2017 at 4:30 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: In the light of a great dyslexic struggle with new Materialist thinking (Donna Haraway, Karen Barad, Erin Manning), some hypochondriac questions about the professionally overused aching body in the time-gravity relationship and the dreadful shadow of dissociation accidentally awarded me once, conferring alleviation and clarity – did the pain set me free? This piece is a reenactment/further exploration of a workshop by Paula Kramer in Helsinki, April 2017, introducing Amerta Movements’ ideas of Javanese artist Suprapto (Prapto) Suryodarmo, based in the practice of Vipassanā, Javanese Sumarah meditation and Javanese Theravada Buddhism.

BIO: Elizabeta Lāce (born 1989, in Murmansk, russian Lapland) was brought up in Latvia and since an early age academically trained as a harpist and musicals performer. After graduating the Music Academy and commencing further studies in theatre directing, she started to experiment independently with different modes of procession performance, creating new concepts for her own artistic research and fresh contextual horizons. At the moment she works publicly, mainly on-site, and documents her private performances for an upcoming personal exhibition in Rīga, autumn 2017. Besides from studying&working, as a Finno-Ugric native she is interested in human genetics, linguistics & broader environmental sciences. ARTIST WEBSITE