opaf10_Ellie Turner

Ellie Turner (Kent, United Kingdom): crawl space blues
  • duration: 2 h
  • watch: 9th December 2018 at 1 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION:  I enter a dark crawl space under the stairs of my home dressed as cheap looking Elvis with a latex mask and Elvis jumpsuit. Then proceed to cover the crawl space in 500+ photos of Elvis, mimicking that of a deranged killer in the crawl space, a conventional idea seen in many horror films, to explore that idea of obsession and fandom, when the interest and idea of celebrity surpass what they’re originally about.

BIO: I’m a multi-disciplinary artist exploring ideas of celebrity and status in the modern age of technology and what it means to be documented online, to live forever in a fans eyes. Looking at how our memory of celebrity shifts over time as people of previous generations pass away and how this memory becomes an all-encompassing idea of a particular time period or way of living, like the ‘American Dream’ for example. I’ve been exploring this broader topic through Elvis, looking at obsessed fans, Elvis shrines and more recently the Elvis Hologram tour.  ARTIST’S WEBSITEellie turner