OPAF11_La Bratts

La Bratts (Derry, UK): Within breath and without La Bratts
  • duration: 60 min
  • watch: 29th March 2019 at 7 pm UTC


Within breath and without, continues La Bratts’ ‘exploration of textual manipulation, sound poetry and performance. Using material taken from texts on, for example, respiration, the anatomic description of the lungs etc., they will explore what it means to be a breathing organism, an aerobic creature. The performance will take the form of a concentrated, almost meditative game of cards, with each choice of card resulting in vocal experimentation, actions, gestures or performative utterances.

BIO: La Bratts is James King and Peter O’Doherty. James King has been practicing performance in various forms and genres for forty years. During the past ten years he has been expanding his performance art experience; ranging from short, open mic word-play entertainments to substantial durational events. More recently he has been incorporating sound poetry and vocal experimentation in his work. Much of his work is organic, spontaneous and site specific. James has performed in streets and public spaces, and collaborated with other individuals and groups – making weekly performances and monthly group improvisations. He has performed at various venues including Social Studios and Gallery. James is a member of performance art collective Bbeyond Belfast and has been a regular contributor to events organised by Unit One, Dublin. He represented Bbeyond in Bergen in 2010, Spain Bel-Mad exchange 2013 and Bel-Esse Gemany/Belgium exchange, 2014. Peter O’Doherty is a multi-disciplinary artist working with sound, text and performance. His work often focuses on language, memory, time and the relationship between culture and nature. He is interested in collaborative practices and in finding new ways to engage nonprofessionals in creative activity. His music and sound works have been performed and in Ireland, Scotland, the former Yugoslavia, Finland and The Netherlands and his poetry published in several publications, including Found Poetry Review.