OPAF11_Raúl Rodríguez

Raúl Rodríguez (Valencia, Venezuela): Cautiverio 

Raúl Rodríguez (Valencia, Venezuela): Cautiverio Raúl-Rodríguez
  • duration: 20 min
  • watch: 29th March 2019 at 6 pm UTC


CAPTIVITY, 2019. Video-performance Raúl Rodríguez. The questions that generate the action start from the historically and culturally implanted concepts such as: Captivity / Domestication / Domation. From the signs of civilization humanity has gone from being a nomadic species to a seasonal group, domestication has been present, the animals suffering from close psychic and physical transformations in exchange for the benefits of being close to humans, the wild wolves in exchange for food remains were tamed and over time changed its morphology and behavior change to be more docile and loyal animals, thus creating the canine species. Dogs are a result generated by domestication, this action is only carried out by man, which through different practices transform animals and plants for their benefit. My proposal raises a domestication made by humans to humans, because contemporary man through bio-political practices has modified not only his body but its functionalities by power / state. Captivity is an invitation to the human to use his own body and emancipate it from the state.

BIO: Raúl Rodríguez – 1994. La Victoria, Venezuela. Visual communicator, multidisciplinary artist and Performancista. Take your body as a research laboratory with its space of introspection. He has participated in national and international exhibitions such as: 2018: Body / Environment / Power. Cinemateca Distrital, Bogotá (CO). 2017: Break, Fissure and Pulse. PortaSpaces – Projects Cerquone (VE). 2016: – Performance art Bridges / Bridges. (VE), -Rapid Rapid Pulse International Festival of Performance Art. (USA). Self-portrait.Ve (Third space) Helsinki, (FI). 2015: – Kaffee-Kuchen-Performance Performance Art Netzwerk Turingen Weimar (DE). – International Biennial of Performance Caracas, (VE). 2014: – Visible Cities (Big Bang Project) Córdoba (ARG). – Young October (Museum of Modern Art Jesús Soto) (VE). 2013: – 38 Aragua National Hall. (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Mario Abreu). (GO). He has made 03 solo exhibitions: “Espectro”, 2014. (Alianza Francesa de Maracay), (VE). “RARO”, 2015 (Organization Nelson Garrido), (VE). “Autonomy”, 2017. (Museo Alejandro Otero), (VE). He is the winner of: Poster contest: “National Identity” by the Maracay Design Circle. He obtained the second place in “I Antibienal of Graphic Arts 2015” by the Nelson Garrido Organization. And winner of the Alejandro Otero Museum Award, awarded for his work “Bleeding, 2016” in the “Young October Salon”, the Art Museum of Valencia (VE). Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, United States, Finland, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine and Venezuela. He is part of P3 Platform for Performance, as Director of Design and Graphic Arts. He is also co-director of Portaespacios: _Taller de Proyectos, an organization that promotes art, architecture and design. ARTIST’S WEBSITE