Negin Ehtesabian/Patrick Lichty (NPTeam) (Abu Dhabi, UAE): Turnabout: A live book

  • watch: 5th July 2019 at 10am UTC
  • duration: 30min

Conceptual Frame: In the virtual, meaning is created in networked social space in real time. When one or more writer/performers meet, whether in social media or shared online spaces like Google Docs, the dance of communication is delicate and chimeric. Ehtesabian (Iran) and Lichty (US) will perform the writing of a realtime prose in Google Docs with only a timeline and a general score to perform from. This will mimic the ad-hoc communication and delicate negotiation inherent in mediated spaces. Technical: For this performance, each artist will take turns writing improvisational prose for one minute on a shared Google Doc, after such time the other artist will write for one minute, and the other artist will “process” the earlier text, annotate, or otherwise intervene. Image, text, sound are all possible. Publish the result as a chapbook.

BIO: Patrick Lichty (Akron, OH, currently Abu Dhabi) Assistant Professor of Multimedia Zayed University, Abu Dhabi. He obtained his MFA from Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. Patrick is a media artist, curator, and theorist exploring how media shape our perception of reality. He is a CalArts/Herb Alpert Fellow, Fulbright finalist, and Whitney and Venice Biennial exhibitor. Negin Ehtesabian (From Tehran, currently Abu Dhabi) Visual artist, illustrator, designer, and muralist exploring cultural archetypes, intercultural mythologies, and identity since 2001. Studied animation in UWE (University of the West of England), BA visual communication in University of Tehran (Fine art/Pardis). Her works have been selected in many international exhibitions and festivals in drawing, illustration and poster design, and collaborative new media projects. ARTIST’S WEBSITE