Raki Malhotra (Brooklyn, USA): (At times in need of repairing;) and then -reappearing-.

  • watch: 18th December 2019 at 10pm UTC
  • duration: 10min

(At times in need of repairing;) and then -reappearing-. ..is a performance in which I facilitate inquiry related to humans forming an \’us\’ online. Taking place on an Instagram post on my artist page, people who like the photo are \’subscribed\’ to the comment section of my page, and can witness and interact with the composition and liveness of the space together.

BIO: In performance, I explore the contemporary biases that are surfacing among us; ordering the micro-society that exists right now in the space in which together we are present. Collaboration has a major role in this process, and my intention is to listen and respond. My collaborator is a participant, a group member, another artist, a space, an object, or something else?