Melanie Riccardi (Genoa, Italy): In Limine

  • watch: 6th July 2019 at 2pm UTC
  • duration: 20min

From the Latin limen-mìnis, threshold but also beginning, end, fulfillment. In a broader sense it may refer to a “here” and a “beyond” as a search for one different condition. The Skin, limiting between the “inside” (the body – the matter that it possesses in itself the principle of movement, instrument of the practical action of a spiritual conscience) ed the “outside” (otherness – the “not me”), reservoir of receptors, means of exchange e translator of physical and chemical stimuli, it is the threshold that separates the inexpressible from us we bring in the incomprehensible that is outside us, the barrier that defines us. Movement, time on the body and muscles under the skin, plasma and alter this barrier, renewing both its interior and exterior. It is only on the threshold, it is only through movement that their dialogue takes place impossible, through the search for a balance, for an immaterial proprioception, expressed with symmetrical geometries and paramorphisms that challenge static and dynamic.

BIO: Education: She moves her first steps with rhythmic gymnastics, then moves on to the classical ballet and Contemporary dance. Participates in numerous seminars and training courses with internationally renowned masters including L. Vescovo (Accademia Teatro Alla Scala), A. Colombini (Accademia Teatro alla Scala), L. Alexandrescu (Accademia Teatro alla Scala) E. Scala (Accademia Teatro alla Scala) C. Marchant (Balletto Fiandre) M.Barruccand (Lione) B. Ratchinskaya (Staatsoper Wien), R. Calderini, S. Sarrote, B. Tambone, A. Frunza (A.I.D.A). She perfected her education obtaining the recognition of the Teachers’ Association at the Teatro alla Scala with the teachers E. Arditi, M. Caprara, M. Ciarella, L. Fabbrucci, S. Benedetti, developing and deepening themes related to the Academic technique, preparatory to dance, music and anatomy, with assistance seminars at the Teatro alla Scala dance school. Parallel to the study of the Academic technique follows a specific preparation for the development of the dancer’s body following specific courses and seminars. Since 2009 teacher of classical dance (Vaganova), contemporary dance (Graham Technique) regularly holds workshops of expressive movement for children and adults. Projects and performances 2018: Currently engaged in “Arabesco” (Body-action-relationship) with the theater company Akropolis of Genoa. “I Dance Strange” by Chiara Taviani and Natalia Vallebona. “Multitud” by Tamara Cubas (Uruguay), Santarcangelo festival. “Good Passport, bad passport” Helena Waldman (Germany) Bozen Tanz Festival. “Pro Active Dance” Margherita Franceschi (Rome). “A piedi nudi” Company Sharon Fridman (Madrid) Festival Orienteoccidente. “Clouds” di Claudia Catarzi, Site specific, Cango Florence. “Total Eclipse” di Chiara Taviani, Teatro della Tosse Genova. “Ma-donne” Site specific, Lecce. 2019 “Inferno per corpo” (hell for body) site specific Galleria d’arte il Cavallo, Savona. “MuteVoliVoci” direct and interpreted writing with kineticos open gropup, Roma Teatro Planet, Savona Teatro Sacco, Teatri di Strada Nuova Genova, Fortezza del Priamar Savona. “Genealogia” di Luna Cenere, Teatro Petrella, Savona. “Preis of slowness” in the show “ Invention of old age” di Daniela Liaci. “Laboratorio Cannibale” installation and performance laboratory in collaboration with “ Campo abierto” de Tamara Cubas, Uruguay. “In Limine” live performance, Borderline festival Fortezza del priamar Savona . “In the Cities” by Instabili Vaganti, Bologna. “In Limine” At The room exhibition, Roma art week, Under the patronage Rome municipality, Lazio, University “La sapienza”, Confesercenti, Assoturismo, Department of cultural growth. Spoken Languages: Italian, mother tongue. English, French, German and spanish school level. I authorize the processing of my personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003. Melanie Riccardi