OPAF4_Jeffery Byrd

Jeffery Byrd (Cedar Falls, IA, USA)
Joust (duration 30 min)
Watch: 14th May 2017 at 5pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Two creatures made of cardboard meet in a wooded area. Their appearance evokes both colorful robots and armored knights. The move awkwardly about one another and begin to attack one another with their long cardboard lances. Their movements are clumsy and clownish and they engage one another in mock battle, shedding bits of themselves along the way. Eventually, their armor is destroyed and they leave in opposite directions, neither having won.

BIO: Jeffery Byrd is a performance artist based in the US. His work explores the relationship between artifice and reality and the challenge of finding beauty in the unexpected. His work has been in major cities through the USA as well as China, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Cuba, Mexico and the UK. Artist Webiste