OPAF5_Kate Morales & Nic Koller

Kate Morales & Nic Koller (Brooklyn, USA): Most People: A Work in Progress
  • duration 15 min
  • Watch: 13th August 2017 at 6 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Most People” is a collaborative, explorative dance & video work directed by Kate Morales & Nic Koller. Sometimes we are incapable of getting the “important” things done. Procrastination, self-deprecation, low expectations, misinformation, all lead directly to our individual failures. History repeats itself through economic recession, fear mongering & inaction in the face of Fascism. People relapse, relationships resume their old patterns & artists miss their deadlines. As long as we’re fed, we’re okay, right? “Most People” is an ongoing draft of a dance/video installation that explores the individual & collective dysfunctionality of human behavior. Kate and Nic began with a concept born from a place of political unrest and distrust in our futures. The movement that followed seeks to make sense of a woman’s place in the landscape of social and political repression. How are women used as agents of war against other women? How are we complicit in the advancement of some which necessitates the displacement of others? Do we participate blindly or gleefully? How are we projecting our own failures onto others and what does it mean to see each other succeed? Is the feminine experience being weaponized against us, and are we wielding that weapon? The video collages projected behind, during, and onto the movement covers peripheral elements of the human experience, adding context for the struggle that is unique to women. By including found elements which directly or indirectly reference capitalism, home life, childhood, social mores, and borders, Nic creates a backdrop and a mirror for the movement vocabulary. Kate is most interested in the duet dynamic as it allows for a truly collaborative execution of thought, concept and movement. Each decision affects the other, and she aims to showcase symbiosis and equity through movement. “Most People: a Work in Progress” has existed as a solo, group piece and duet, as time and space warrants, and part of its intention is in its malleability.

BIO: Kate Morales graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 2011 with a BFA in Dance and Choreography. She has performed and directed original choreographic works at venues across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. She formed Anamnesis Dance (née L and K Dance) in 2014 with Lara Mahler. Anamnesis has premiered work at residencies with Chez Bushwick and NYU, as well as being featured on stages such as Dance at Socrates, GreenSpace, the Tank, HB Studios, Standard Toykraft and more. Most recently, Kate curated and directed a multi-disciplinary evening of performance at The Woods in honor of the victims of Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland. She is a founding member and rehearsal director for Saga Dance Company, under the direction of Michelle Sagarminaga. Nic Koller is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring the boundaries of collage in video, painting & installation. His composited style is not just about seeing multiple angles & different moments in time at once; It\’s also about fractured human relationships. Nic depicts common people (& places as representations of people) throughout his works & his collaborative approach to documentary allows the subjects to contribute conceptually to their own story. Nic\’s videos were recently featured in the nightly video program at MonkeyTown 7 in LA & premiered at the Video Art & Experimental Film Festival at Tribeca. ARTIST WEBSITE