OPAF7_Khiri Lee

Khiri Lee (Boulder, CO, USA): Taboo
  • duration: 10 min
  • watch: 11th February 2018 at 9 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Four anonymous male figures are guided to move feminine products (clean unused ones) around as a commentary on the taboo of a women’s period in today’s society and to bring attention to the stigma of these so-called luxury items and the reproductive cycle. Using parameters as prescribed by the improvisational form “object chess” the players will spontaneously engage with the objects to create new connections between the players and the objects. Players take turns placing objects into a field. There are three options. 1. Introduce a new object, 2. Move an object already in play, or 3. Introduce themselves as an object (in this case their hand). There will be three, three minute rounds, in which a different cast of objects will appear in each round.

BIO: Khiri Lee is a performance artist, dancer, and mixed media painter. Her work is heavily influenced by improvisational forms and is often process-oriented. Over the last 10 years her work has ranged wildly, from street theatre to large multimedia performances to costume design. She has a BA in Art History and 10+ years experience using community theatre to educate and create safe environments for the next generation of artists, performers, and leaders ARTIST WEBSITE