Pedro Inock (Lisbon, Portugal): Unearth

  • watch: 21st December 2019 at 4pm UTC
  • duration: 20min

Along a certain path of a certain life, some things are unburied, unearthed before your very eyes.
Establishing a pure connection with the earth is establishing a mild and humbling connection with our other self, but establishing a visceral and and somewhat critical connection with the same place, just creates a void where we can exist, where we can build foundations, where we can either give birth or perish, where we can create or desecrate, but specially where we can unearth ourselves…or just leave, if we see fit.

BIO: Pedro inock (b.1984) Fine Arts university Lisbon. Pedro is a Visual artist based in Lisbon/PT where he has studio since 2009 Works in the fields of videoart, videoperformance, installation and painting. Throughout his work, the analysis and observation of issues such as place, memory and human condition make up for a large part of the process. ARTIST’S WEBSITE