Production company: Jopergon (Barcelona, Spain): The disciples of Marcel Duchamp

  • watch: 29th March 2020 at 9pm UTC
  • duration: 56 min

Documentary film. 56′ minutes SYNOPSIS The small municipality of Les Escaules, in the north of Catalonia, hosts the most relevant encounter of performers that is taking place in Spain: La Muga Caula festival, which is dedicated to the French artist Marcel Duchamp. Three days where the sixty-five inhabitants of the village and their unmovable rural life is shaken by the presence of a group of artists from around the world who can be found hanging from the bell tower, mutilating themselves with a knife, or spending an hour shouting in the middle of the street simulating an abortion. The film is a journey into the art of action through various perspectives. First, follows the passionate instructions given by Nigerian artist Jelili Atiku to a dozen students who attend a performance workshop during the festival. The disciples must follow his demanding discipline, often creating highly tense situations. Second, through the initiatory journey that one of the students of the workshop – Anna, a nurse who lives in the area- will do to enter a new universe. And third, with the recording of several performances by some of the most relevant artists from around the world: Antoni Karkowski (Poland), Cecile Richard (France), Nenad Bogdanovic (Serbia), Isabel Corullón (Spain), Eliana Beltran (Colombia)… Everything is riveted together by the strange coexistence and contrast that is generated during the festival between the newcomers and the locals; a contrast between the rural and the cosmopolitan; between the atavistic and the conceptual.

BIO: Josep Pérez (Barcelona, 1970) has worked in the audiovisual sector since 1994 as a producer, scriptwriter and director of a dozen short films and three feature films, both fiction and documentary; screenwriter in a dozen feature film projects; and a director of some television series and TV shows. ARTIST’S WEBSITE