Rezzan Gümgüm (Ankara, Turkey): Daily Puzzles

  • 26 Sept 2021 8pm UTC
  • dur 10min

WHAT: “Daily Puzzles” explores the experiences of those of us who are constantly exposed to various news in everyday life- through everyday household items, food, and easily accessible materials. These mini performances examine the reality of the news presented to us in daily life and look for questions such as the following: “What is a real and what is a fake? Is it necessary to untangle what is given or accept it as it is?

BIO: 1978, born in Varto. Lives and works in Ankara and Madrid. My artistic activities cover a variety of practices such as walking, video, performance, installation, photography, writing, and embroidery on fabric. I focus on social, and ecological issues in cities and rural areas. I explore possibilities of the artistic expression of personal and collective experiences with my critical approach to everyday life. I see artistic creation as an act equivalent to life and relate my works to the sincerity of situations in everyday life. I believe that, as Henri Lefebvre said, ‘’Everyday life should become an art. A person may live her/his own life as an artwork.\” This view also shapes the basis of my current production. ARTIST’S WEBSITE