Sandra Bozic (New York, USA): I wish I am a bird

  • watch live: 30th March 2020 at 10am UTC
  • duration: 45 min

to Felix

I wish I am a bird

It is an online performance that shows one phenomenom of the nature. It is about the power of the nature.
It is the biggest power.
Human power is the biggest too.
Human is nature.
Cannot live without eachother.
The biggest power of the biggest in it-ocean.
The biggest power of the smallest in it-microbe.
Nature cannot be stopped.
It is love.

BIO: Sandra Bozic is performance artist and architect born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia based in New York, USA. Her professional work is based on performance art, art and architectural projects that are inspired by everyday life and life at all. She is the author and fonder of the platformes Online Performance Art( and Online Museum, Onlineum ( She realize over 20 author online performances and over 20 author live performances. She participated in international exhibitions, conferences and performance art festivals in Hanover, Naples, Berlin, Istanbul, Gothenburg, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrade. She realized several solo exhibitions. She was a jury member of exhibitions and festivals international and local.