JC Choreography (Liége, Belgium): 183

  • 27 Mar 2021 6pm UTC
  • dur 7min

183 is a solo based on morphology, particularly on size. The research of movement is based on the restriction of the body in space. The inspiration comes from my own experience and feeling of being too tall, and my personal journey of accepting to myself that this inconvenience is actually an asset. Understanding how to enhance your body and not to degrade it in the face of all the \”grown-ups\” stereotypes that we have to face since childhood: Why we are always behind in the photo, Why we are in the last row, why we do not play basketball? We are fighting. We fight to impose our choice, my choice. 183cm and I dance in my way …

BIO: Justine is born in 1996 and She is a dancer, performer, choreographer from Liège, Belgium. She is spontaneous, creative, strict and full of energy. She is always doing many things at the same time. She loves participating to group and collaborative work as well as meeting new people and sharing new ideas. She graduated in performing arts from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in Hungary (2019) and got scholarship to intern the company of Emanuel Gat and taking part in ModemPro lead by Roberto Zappala, Company in Italy. In 2019, She created her company named JC Choreography in order to produce her choreographic work. This current year she is studying a Master in Management in Brussels, besides teaching and developing her own vocabulary and community. ARTIST’S WEBSITE