ARTISTS – Day 4, 25th Feb 2017


 Manion Kuhn

(New York, United States)

Take care

(duration 60 min)

Watch on 25th February at 10:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: In the timespan of one hour, I repeat several cycles of binge-drinking water, working out, and brushing my teeth within my domestic space.

BIO: Manion Kuhn is a writer, artist, and arts organizer living and working in New York. In 2015, she was one of seven students in the first undergraduate cohort in the department of Performance Studies at Tisch School of the Arts, where she makes use of quotidian performance methodologies as research to create academic writing, performance work, and digital art. Her work reflects contemporary experiences of finding oneself located in digital space, explores the resonance of trauma within public spaces, and challenges the archetypes of subjectivity offered by late capitalist wellness cultures. Manion’s work has been featured at a TEDxYouth conference (2014), and she has performed at the Nerman Museum (Kansas City) and ITINERANT performance art festival (New York). Her interests include infrastructure and public policy, surveillance and sous-veillance technologies, spatial theory, museum studies, and the connections between late capitalism and Internet wellness subcultures. Some of her recent academic writing has explored the politically productive irony of fake Facebook events in producing rhizomatic assemblages online and IRL. Her most recent performance, Take care,, was live streamed in December 2016, and probed the affective relationship between desire and failure in late capitalist wellness culture. artist website


Edina Miskei

(Novi Sad, Serbia)

Name it, I Label it!

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 25th February at 9:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Can we label everything, or more precisely are we ALLOWED to label ourselves or others by brand names, the designer clothes we wear, the name of the food or beauty products we buy and the various devices we use day by day? As a result, we are the slaves of modern, consumerist society,- of buying, accumulating, labelling, tagging, marking, and last but not least judging by all this. Don’t judge by the cover! An individual should not be labeled by brands or other arbitrary categories, neither anything can be bought by money and evaluated by values imposed by our society. The most precious things are for free, though everything has its own price in this value system, as it turns out. Man also attempts to label and appropriate nature, however, it is absurd and even impossible to be labeled by its own nature, just as people are. I am no exception from this, so I will be labeled by brand names, price tags, and different signs or inscriptions by people as well, and those labels are going to be transferred to entities in nature.

BIO: I am Edina Miskei, 30 years old, born in 15 Feb. 1987 in Senta, Serbia. During high school I was a member of an amateur drama group. After finishing grammar school in Senta, first from 2007-2009 I attended the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Acting in Hungarian. In 2016 I obtained a BA diploma in English Philology (literature major) at the Faculty of Philosophy. Since 2014 I have been teaching English and Hungarian in a language school Avalon in Novi Sad. From 2013 to 2015 I was part of Ogledalo (mirror) Centre for Cultural Initiative in Novi Sad as a performer. Since then I have been engaged in performance art, and I have been creating my own performances since 2016. I have attended numerous workshops on dance, Butoh (Matilde Javier Ciria, Ivana Indjin), performance art (Yorgos Bacalos), sound (Irena Tomazin), physical theatre (Ivana Indjin, Dobrei Denes, Heni Varga, Gianluca Barbadori; Kiss Aniko) and social theatre (Ivana Indjin), also volunteered at various festivals, conferences, etc. I am interested in performance art (Gaga technique), creative writing, writing poems, modern contemporary dance, and physical theatre among others.


Jodie Judy Lu YingChu

(Miaoli, Taiwan)

ϕ (phi)

(duration 15 min)

Watch on 25th February at 10:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: ϕ is a work dedicated to the Universe. In the studio when working on the spacial exploration, I found the anatomy structure of human bodies is constructed by accumulated circles, the energretic field of human bodies is called sphere, and aura constructs the spiritual field of human bodies. Another time working on spacial task setting, I found my imagination flows with my sensation and perception. I visualized the embodiment space shifting in that experiment, so the accumulated square space shifting becomes a drawing geometry, and the whole continuous squares become another circle. Without gravity, in the floating air space, the whole space shifting is extended from 2D square to 3D cube, so does the circle/sphere. With circle and square, with sphere and cube, what’s their relationship? Square volume equals cube volume in terms of ϕ, which is 1:1.618, creating the golden ratio (Fibonacci spiral), which is one of the most harmonious and aesthetic universal law, and could be applied to many things in the Universe. When the concept extends from 3D to 5D, is that the access to pararrel Universe? Are human beings infinitely powerful to infulence everything connected via energetic field based on quantum physics theory?

BIO: Jodie Judy Lu / Lu, Ying-Chu Jodie/Yingchu was originally trained and worked professionally in marketing specializing in creative industry. In 2010 she had the chance to continue her solid dance training which she began in her childhood. She keeps challenging herself physically, mentally and emotionally, empowering herself to grow inner strength and to connect her true essence within, she develops her vision of being a dance artist – create for well-being with love, and dedicate to the Universe. Being a dance artist specializing in somatics and dance making, she has been praised by numerous dance seniors and has impressed many dance masters including Eva Karczag, Jeremy Nelson, Benoît Lachambre, Miranda Tufnell, Barbara Mahler, Sean Feldman, and Kerry Nicholls. She has worked in many cross cultural dance projects including Artscross Beijing 2012 with Robin Dingemans and Biblioteca Do Corpo at ImPulsTanz 2014 with Ismael Ivo. In 2015 she got TL Postgraduate Dance Award to undertake MA Creative Practice (Dance Professional Practice) at Trinity Laban and Siobhan Davies Dance (Independent Dance), where she worked with Siobhan Davies, Matthias Sperling, Kirsty Alexander, Gaby Agis, Frank Bock, Eva Karczag, Charlie Morrissey, Andrea Buckley, to name a few. In 2016 she was selected to work at SMASH-Berlin, where she works with Maria F. Scaroni, Matthieu Burner, Anna Nowicka, Sonja Pregrad, and Alessio Castellacci, and extending her professional field into healing arts, where she can manifest her vision with dance art (somatics), energy work (spirituality), and nature (permaculture). Most recently, she was invited by Norway choreographer Mia Habib to join her work A Song To… and performed in Copenhagen, which is Jodie’s first time dancing and performing in nudity on stage. Her work is about “sensation and perception”, to discover the “flow state of being”, exploring the relationship among heightened kinaesthetic experience and perceptual awareness, cultivating in the practice of dancing and through the process of dancing, and with a sense of connectivity and flow state of being. This is the main work of her somatically informed dance practice, inspired by Eva Karczag and Skinner Releasing Technique, with a focus on sensation and perception. Besides, she also develops her dance practice working on the back space awareness based on vision to build up the 3D sphere of human bodies. This nurtures her dance making in terms of “being present”. Furtherore, she develops an interdisciplinary art practice intergrating dancing and charcoal drawing, extending the body movement of dancing and drawing into calligraphy quality of moving, based on the sensation of aural listening and metaphorical listening experience. She initiates a lifetime collaborative project “Dance In Nature” intergrating dance art, energy work (spirituality), and nature (permaculture), guiding people to connect with the cosmic wisdom of mother earth and father sky, to express their essence soul based on the freedom of movement expression and artistic creation, and to create the organic dialogue with improvised music. “Create for people and myself with exploration and expression, which is artistic craft making and choreography; create for well-being with life and love, which is somatic dance practice and creative healing art” is her visionary manifesto, which she is committed to dedicate her gifts, abilities, and visions to dance art, creative healing art, natural living art, and dedicated to well-being with universal energy. artist website


Eva Büchi and Martina Marini Misterioso

(Zurich, Switzerland)

Essen fassen

(duration 30 min)

Watch on 25th February at 1:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A huge white plastic sheet. We carry it. We eat it. It eats us. Now it\’s an organic abstract being, breathing, moving and growing. We intend this cumbersome material as a metaphor of the technocratic and industrial world in which we live in. the translation of the title could be “eat!”, “take the food”. The performance will take place in a pubblic open space.

BIO: Eva Büchi (1988, Switzerland) and Martina Marini Misterioso (1990, Italy) met each other at the Art Academy of Munich, Germany, where they both study and live.


ARCOS + StudioLab

(Austin, USA)


(duration 7 min)

Watch on 25th February at 2:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION:“And nothing lost, but found and found again; And not conquest, but everything in play Given, not taken; taken anyway, And not to keep in any case; but kept; Possessed, but not in order to possess; Selfsame, self-owned, self-given, self-possessed, And all in play. But conquered nonetheless.” —Gjertrude Schnackenberg Two people explore the inherent risk in traversing their precarious internal landscapes to make a connection with each other in the face of profound loss. Through a raw semi-improvised interaction, expressing both a sense of childlike play and the weight of adult experiences, these troubled pilgrims must suss out whether they can trust one another with the weight of their grief—and perhaps even share it in an act of commiseration, communion. “Spelunking” utilizes the slow pressurization of dwindling physical space and the metrics of blank verse to generate, inspire, and orchestrate our characters\’ movements and vernacular, both physical and linguistic. The piece is a collaboration between ARCOS, a transmedia dance company, and StudioLab, an experimental laboratory for interdisciplinary creativity. Performed by an actor and a dancer, each versed in different movement and theatrical modalities and collaborating for the first time, Spelunking seeks to uncover authentic moments of revelation on its themes at the intersections of each individual’s practice.

BIO: ARCOS experiments rigorously to discover adventurous new forms of contemporary performance—inspired by questioning dominant understandings of the world, turbulent processes of traditions in flux, and the complexity of being human today. They have been invited to present at festivals including Currents New Media and Edinburgh Fringe, received commissions to create work for symposia at Connecticut College and Texas State University, served as guest teaching artists at institutions such as University of Colorado Boulder and University of North Texas, accepted residency at organizations including Ucross Foundation and KHN Center for the Arts, and received grants from public and private sources including the National Endowment for the Arts and the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation. StudioLab is Austin\’s experiential space for cultivating creative work in an ensemble-building environment. StudioLab offers interdisciplinary workshops that hone the necessary skills of imagination, circles of attention, observation, being-in-the-moment, and empathy—strengthening artists’ foundational instruments of body and voice, while playing with different methodologies and exploring the art of creative collaboration.  artist website


Dragan Strunjaš

(Belgrade, Serbia)

Soul of the City

(duration 15 min)

Watch on 25th February at 3:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION:Performance is searching for a city soul, seting it as a main character. It is an analysis of the inhabitants perception on the city, who are restlessly repeating the same pattern, not noticing its presence. It is looking at a city as a human being touching its vulnerable and emotion side. It is also analysis existence of an individual inside a ruthless modern society.

BIO: Dragan Strunjas is architect from Belgrade. He focuses on contemporary issues of cities and society, their mutual interaction and visually researches different possibilities of architecture, its presentation and effects to people. Among other  participated Month of Performance Art Berlin, Alto fest Napoli, B Tour Berlin, Faki Zagreb, Walk with the Artist Belgrade. artist website


Patricia Brace

(New York, NY, USA)

DEAP Thinking Techniques

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 25th February at 4:30 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: DEAP Thinking Techniques is a performance installation about the current unjust sociopolitical climate of the United States between politicians and minorities. In DTT I will set up a temporary green screen stage, approximately 10’ x 10’, with lighting and sound. In the space 1-3 performers wearing masks of Supreme Court Justices will perform an 80\’s aerobic exercise routine. The aesthetics of DTT reference “L’Inhumaine”, which is a French drama-science fiction directed in 1924 by Marcel L’Herbier and the title references a dark matter search that uses liquid argon.

BIO: Patricia M. Brace: (b. 1983) Raised in Cherryfield, Maine, Brace is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses the relationship between dance, current events, and basic comparative psychology through her use of performance art, new media, and installation. Brace teaches at Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University and has recently exhibited at The Institute of Contemporary Art in Portland, Maine and This Friday Next Friday Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Brace\’s work has also been shown at Gary Snyder Project Space, and SOHO 20 in New York and Ortega Y Gasset Projects, Smack Mellon, Public Address Gallery, and Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn. She is the recipient of the Rutgers Professional Development Grant, Giza Daniels Endesha Award, the Ray Stark Film Prize, and the Leon Golub Scholarship, and the co-founder of Sine Gallery and Groundwork Residency. artist website


Vaira Low

(Turku, Finland)


(duration 10 min)

Watch on 25th February at 8:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A video is looping, and the artist on the front is constantly checking the time and performing a series of pointless gestures. By repeating this ritual she is trying to control her surroundings, binding her existence into a defined time and space, intended to remain invariable and predictable. As an attempt to stretch her own lifeline, she is willing to pretend that it would be possible to freeze a period of time and loop it over and over again. Regardless of her dedication to the process, she is unable to perform the routine in exactly the same way – there is always some variation. Even the video is altered by the changing conditions in which it is perceived. In the meantime, the words ”from beginning to beginning”, ”it’s happening now” and ”this GIF formed billions of years ago” are frequently appearing on the video. They make a suggestion that every moment is a fresh start, containing the substance which created the past, but emerging now as completely new. Change is inevitable, but each moment bears the components needed for a manifestation of the things the performer compulsively tries to hold on to. There is no need to be attached to the past. All time and possibilities are accessible whenever, wherever – instead of repeating the absurd maneuvers she could be anywhere, doing whatever she likes.

BIO: Vaira Low is a pseudonym of a Finnish artist whose works include live performances often combined with sound and video art. artist website


A. P. Vague

(Wichita, KS, USA)

Pulse Width Patterns, version 5

(duration 10 min)

Watch on 25th February at 9:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION:This series explores the limits and unexpected qualities of video media by creating patterns of shifting color using the PureData programming environment. The software is theoretically capable of functioning at thousands of frames per second, at which point the difference between changing colors and static light is indistinguishable to the human eye. These compositions operate at the limits of video software and hardware in order to test the thresholds of perception and blur the distinction between video and abstract lighting. As video files are typically designed to be viewed at 60 frames per second or less, the PureData software generates a variety of patterns as shifting frame speeds interact with video capture at different intervals. For the Online Performance Art Festival, I will present the piece using a video feedback loop created in the studio. By capturing the LCD of my laptop with a smartphone and displaying it on a TV screen with teleconferencing, the video will generate additional patterns based on the delay of the signal.

BIO: A. P. Vague (b. 1985) studied photography at Wichita State University, where he developed a body of work that focussed on non-objective imaging and experimental processes. By conceptualizing the darkroom as a set of tools in itself, this work sought to highlight the specific communicative properties of photographic media. Vague also worked closely with Tallgrass Film Festival and the Ulrich Museum of Art in Wichita. Vague incorporated more use of audio, performance, and programming into his processes during his graduate studies at Rutgers University. This work is concerned with translation and explores the connections between human speech, digital audio, and abstract visuals. While living in Philadelphia and working with Aux Performance Space, Vague participated in exhibitions and performances with Philadelphia Sound Forum, Eris Temple Arts, and Bridgette Meyer Gallery, among others. Currently teaching courses in digital media and technology at Wichita State University, Vague’s work is now concerned with the mechanics of real-time communication in an effort to connect with various parts of the world. Vague has recently participated in various long-distance collaborations and telepresent performances occurring between Kansas and New York, Philadelphia, Brazil, England, Germany, and Romania. artist website


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